Braun BT3020 Beard/Hair Trimmer for Men Review

When it comes to hair trimmers for men, there are numerous options out there on the market. There are many companies that manufacture them, but only a few stand out, one of them being Braun. This company is part of the highly respected Procter and Gamble family. Every new trimmer that Braun presents to consumers always tends to quickly become a bestseller, take the BT3020 Beard/Hair Trimmer for Men, for example. Nobody can argue that this Braun beard trimmer is a great option, as it comes accompanied by several features that are difficult to find in other trimmers.

Positive Review Galore

Ever since this trimmer hit the market, it has received a meaningful number of positive reviews on different online platforms that allow consumers to share their opinions on products that they have recently purchased. Every day, the number of positive reviews that it receives keeps augmenting, and it doesn’t seem like this is going to stop anytime soon.


There are a lot of features that accompany this Braun beard trimmer that keep making it a winner among men of different ages and backgrounds. To provide the ultimate precision every time you opt to use it, it has 20 precision length settings (between 1-10 mm.). For easy cleaning, the head is fully washable. It can simply be cleaned under warm running water. It has a lifetime lasting power. On one single charge, it can provide 40-minutes of trimming. There is also a comb included so that you can make your trimming even more précised, as well as a LED charging indicator that turns on when your device is plugged in. It is important to mention that this trimmer has sharp blades that will last a lifetime. These blades provide superior performance so that you can achieve any style that you want. They are stainless steel and very sharp, but due to their structure, you don’t have to worry about injuries. The blades are able to cut through thick or long hair, without any tugging or pulling.


With the 0.5 mm steps, this trimmer permits one to evenly trim stubble. For short and medium beards, the ideal option is the short comb with 1-10 mm precision settings. You can even conduct contour edging by removing the beard comb. This will aid you in defining lines and creating contours like a professional.

Very Easy to Utilize

It has been noted that a lot of men tend to not purchase trimmers, because they think that they are too difficult to utilize. This is true when it comes to a lot of trimmers out there, but that is definitely not the case of BT3020 Beard/Hair Trimmer for Men by Braun. It’s very easy to utilize. You can get the hang of it in just a few seconds. Of course, just like any other trimmer that is manufactured by the respected company Braun, this beard trimmer comes accompanied by a guide so that you can feel more at ease if you just want to double check if you are conducting everything the adequate way.


If you look at the available beard trimmers, a lot of them tend to be on the expensive side, but thankfully, that is not the case with the BT3020 Beard/Hair Trimmer for Men by Braun. Due to it being so affordable, it can make one wonder as to how Braun does it to manufacture such a high-quality trimmer and provide to consumers at such a low cost. One of the things that permit Braun to do this is that it is part of the Procter and Gamble family. Since their products are sold around the globe and are the leaders among consumer preference, they are able to provide affordable items because they manufacture them in masses.

Lightweight and Portable

It is a very lightweight device that doesn’t take too much space, which is great for those people who tend to travel constantly. It can fit in a small travel bag, and since it doesn’t need any batteries to begin working, you don’t have to worry about batteries.

Durable Structure

A trimmer can have all the latest features, but if low-quality material was utilized to structure it, you can rest assured that it will only last you a short period of time. This Braun beard trimmer will last you a long period of time, because only the highest-quality material was used to create it.

Possible Cons

Just like it is with any other product on the market, there is also a possible downfall about this unit. The only color available is black, which might be a downfall for those individuals who like their devices to be a certain color other than black. Besides this, there is nothing else that one can pinpoint at. Braun did a great job with the structure of this device, which is not a shocker, as their trimmers have become known around the world for being one of the best of the best.

A Total Winner

It’s clearer than water that this Braun beard trimmer is a total winner, which is why more people keep purchasing it every day. It gets the job done right and fast. Since it is extremely affordable, we recommend this beard trimmer.

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