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What happens when you want to achieve the best grooming and hygiene results for your unique needs? Well, introducing the best hair trimmers as the ideal addition to your grooming regime. Simply put, these are powerful and effective mechanical shaving tools that comprise of as many different features customized for shaving hair. In fact, some of the notable upswings in functionality you are likely to come across include ergonomic handles, self-sharpening blades, powerful motors and convenient hair storage mechanisms. Using these hair trimmers makes it convenient to achieve the ideal hair height, and with hassle free results. This is why we have prepared the best hair trimmer reviews for you to make informed decisions for your grooming needs. It is important to note that before you can choose the ideal trimmer, you should evaluate all the relevant design features and determine whether they suit your needs. The following are some of the highly rated hair trimmers that you should consider


  1. Philips Norelco Hair Clipper 7110

The Philips Norelco Hair Clipper 7110 provides you with sufficient power, in the form of a Lithium Ion battery, and turbo boost benefits. This hair clipper comprises of durable blades and a customizable comb that provides you with precision hair cutting results. Simply put, this hair trimmer has not only been designed for durability, but for improved performance as well. Philips are well known for their superior quality home appliances, and the Norelco 7110 is one of them.


Robust lithium ion battery with turbo boost

Perhaps one of the main features of the Norelco 711O is the fact that users can use it both when corded and cordless for optimal power and freedom for hair grooming purposes. It comes with a powerful Lithium Ion battery that can deliver as much as 2 hours of cordless shaving power with one hour charge results. More so, this hair clipper can also be plugged in for continuous and sufficient power for hair cutting purposes. With the additional turbo boost button, users can experience improved cutting functionality for the best haircuts even with tough hair.

Dual cut technology for improved hair cutting

Power through any type of hair by using the Norelco 7100 that comes with special dual cut technology. This does well to consolidate the benefits of a double sharpened cutting element with reduced friction design. It also comprises of an innovative design that is ideal for cutting hair twice as fast as the conventional clippers, and with the added benefit of a powerful steel guard for optimal durability. Equipped with high-quality blades, this shaver is ideal for almost any type of skin, and it won’t lead to allergic reactions as well.

One comb 24 length settings

Developed for hassle-free cutting results and convenient storage, this one adjustable comb provides users with the ideal blade cutting length. In fact, all you need to do is to adjust the comb and select as you lock in the length level that you prefer, and with well over 20 length settings.

Powerful motor with superior design features

Another notable feature of the Nolecro hair trimmer Is that it comes with a powerful motor that has superior design features perfect for your shaving needs. For instance, the motor is silent in operation, and it also produces minimal vibration, to make it perfect even for shaving young children. The maintenance free design and the durable design of the blades means that you can enjoy endless shaving performance each time.


l Lithium-ion cordless power for optimal hair cutting results

l Dual cut technology cuts hair two times faster and reduced friction

l Adjustable comb design with well over 20 inbuilt length settings

l Self-sharpening and titanium blades

  1. Wahl Chrome Pro 24 Piece Haircut Kit #79524-2501

Trips to the hair stylist can sometimes be inconvenienced, let alone being expensive. This is why you need the Wahl Chrome Pro Hair Trimmer that is ideal for the whole family and for achieving professional hair cut results. This unit comes with powerful clippers that are ideal for delivering crew cuts and for maintaining your unique hairstyle. Similar to all the high-end shavers that are available out there today, this unit also comprises of ergonomic features for enhanced comfort.


Powerful Clippers and motor

This hair clipper comprises of a high-speed Power Drive motor, that provides users with smoother hair cuts even on the thickest of hair. Having said that, for the extent of its power, the motor if silent in operation and compact sized as well. Users will appreciate the inclusion of the High carbon steel blades that are well aligned, such that there is never any need to perform any adjustments. More so, the blades are also detachable for thorough cleaning benefits.

Ergonomic features and Durachrome finish

This unit comprises of superior ergonomic features that make it comfortable to handle even after extensive durations of use. It also features a comfortable grip that makes the clipper convenient to hold during dexterous shaving, and the dura chrome adds to the barbershop appeal of the trimmer. The manufacturers of this hair trimmer have done well to demonstrate elegance in design. This is because the body of this hair clipper is very slim, and it, therefore, become comfortable when sitting in the user’s hand. The inclusion of the titanium ceramic blades provides optimal sharpness and self-sharpening benefits as well. In fact, the titanium ceramic blades are ideal for a host of purposes, including shaving hair and it can also be washed with water as well.

Additional accessories, ten adjustable combs, and sliding thumb switch

These hair clippers also come with as many as ten adjustable guide combs and a sliding thumb-operated switch on the hair clippers, that makes it simple to customize the comb to achieve the appropriate height. More so, the clippers and the guide combs, along with other accessories in the kit make it convenient for your shaving needs. Some of the main ones including the pocket comb, barber scissors, and flattop comb among many others. The added benefit is that this shaver provides sufficient support for accurate height adjustment that may be extended to as much as 2.8mm. This hair trimmer can also be used with a cord or cordless since it can be charged by using an adapter or stand. The entire procedure takes 1 hour, and the shaver can provide well over 60 minutes of power.

Lifetime sharp blades, ear/nose trimming, and beard styling

Users will also appreciate the high-performance curling blades that are ideal for achieving any hair style. In fact, the super sharp stainless-steel blades cut through any type of hair and without the effects of tugging and pulling. Like all the high-end hair trimmers that are available today, this unit also features lifetime sharp blades that provide guaranteed long-term performance. The two fixed combs can provide an average of 13 precision length settings in 2mm increments to achieve the ideal trim. Users can also remove ear and nose hair with effective results. This shaver also lets you improve sanitation levels in remote sections of the body such as nose and the ears. You can also use the supplementary features for nose/ear trimming and beard styling for added convenience.


l This hair clipper comes with 10 adjustable combs

l It also comprises of ergonomic features and dura chrome finish

l The clippers are powerful and the motor is silent in operation

  1. L-15 Smart Waterproof Ultra Quiet Chargeable Hair Clipper

Discover the excellent of the L-15 Waterproof and ultra-silent hair clipper as the ideal addition for your hair shaving needs. This hair clipper comes with a low vibration and precision motor, that is ultra-quiet and makes it ideal for use even on your child. Besides that, the L15 best hair trimmer features a powerful and high-power motor, which is made of superior material for long lasting performance. Equipped with self-sharpening blades and maintenance free design, you can be sure of endless shaving functionality for your needs.


Waterproof IPX-7 Level

One of the main features of the L-15 Smart waterproof hair clipper is that it provides immense waterproof benefits for your unique shaving needs. The entire structure of the shaver is immune to the effects of water and or liquid penetration. To be specific, the waterproof design means that this hair trimmer is resistant to the effects of water and you can even use it in the shower for added convenience. Users will also appreciate the detachable and washable design of the ceramic blade for optimal convenience. In fact, the smooth, treated blade angle protects your baby`s skin for scratch, and the imported ceramic blade and unique bevel design makes it perfect for DIY purposes.

Low vibration and durable design

Further lending to the superior design of this hair trimmer is that it has low vibration, even when customized on the highest settings. The motor produces minimal vibrations, silent in operation and without causing any compromise on the overall cutting performance. In addition to this, the low vibration design makes it comfortable on the skin. The durable design means that you are sure of long term hair cutting solutions for your unique needs. Best of all, the powerful motor does well to cut hair, and without any tugging or pulling, which might affect shaving sessions with a small baby.

High carbon steel blades and color-coded combs

Equipped with high carbon steel blades, this hair trimmer is highly efficient when it comes to cutting hair. The blades are durable, and the super self-sharpening design means that you can enjoy years of reliable hair cutting benefits. The inclusion of the color-coded guide combs make it easy to remember your favorite hair length every time you engage in the cutting procedure. In particular, the hair trimmer is available with two attachment guide combs and dual cut technology that cuts hair twice as fast than the conventional trimmers. The added benefit is that it helps you achieve this goal with a double sharpened cutting element and reduced friction levels. Users will also appreciate the quality of the steel blades, which makes them ideal for any skin type and with no chance of allergic reactions.

Simple to use

The manufacturers of this unit have also taken things to another level with the simple to use design. In fact, it’s simple to maneuver, which makes it less tiring for users. You can opt to use the combs in the kit even if you have novice skills, without causing any damage to the mechanical components of the shaver. Unlike the conventional shavers whereby you have to spend several hours learning before you can master full functionality, the L15 shaver lets you master every feature the first time. Best of all, the ingenious design of the comb helps to deliver the ideal shaving results and customized hair lengths as well.


l This hair trimmer has a unique bevel design that makes it simple to use

l It comes double sharpened cutting element and reduced friction levels.

l The L-15 hair trimmer comes with powerful steel blades and color-coded combs

l The shaver produces minimal vibration, and the motor is silent in operation


All things considered, there is no space for poor decision making or insufficient improvisation when it comes to grooming matters. It is important that you make good choices each time, such that you can experience hassle-free grooming results, especially when you need the most. For his reason, we have highlighted some of the best hair trimmers for your unique needs. In this way, you will not only achieve the best hair cutting experience each time, but you can realize the best value for your money as well. The added advantage of using these mechanical tools is simple, and you don’t need any technical, mechanical skills to achieve your hair maintenance goals. A good shaver is an essential tool if you value grooming and maintaining good positive impression with your close acquaintances.

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