How to Prevent Skin Irritation Before, During and After Shaving

Do you experience skin irritation after shaving? Irritated skin is a common problem which can turn into a skin rash on the neck. That’s before, during and after shaving. Many factors cause this skin condition, for example, poor hair removal techniques and also dull razors. Other reasons include skin that’s sensitive to shaving oils and creams. Shaving also causes razor burn effects.

Razor burns are skin irritations that may occur as soon as you finish shaving. They cause your skin to experience burning sensations and also red skin rashes on your neck and face. They are common among men’s faces and also among women’s legs and armpits. Its primary cause is frequent shaving. This guide looks at 7 other causes of irritated skin after shaving. They are:

7 Causes of Skin Irritation from Shaving

  • Dry Skin

One other cause of skin rash and irritation during shaving is dry skin. You should keep in mind that pressing any object against dry skin leads to skin irritation. That includes pressing towels to dry off after shaving.

  • Sensitive Skin

Another cause of skin irritations during shaving is due to sensitive skin. If you have any itchiness or rashes on areas where you frequently shave, that’s an indication of delicate skin.

  • Dull Razors

Dull blades are another cause of irritated skin during shaving. That’s because they lead to itchy skin and rashes. An example is you may find yourself pressing them against your skin to achieve a close shave.

  • Scratching

Another cause of skin irritation from shaving is due to scratching. That’s because any irritated skin makes you want to scratch it to experience relief.

  • Frequent Waxing

Keep in mind that cosmetic or beauty procedures come with a price. Methods such as waxing enable you to remove unwanted hair.

Depending on your skin type, this waxing can lead to red rashes or skin bumps that can last for hours or even days. These bumps get caused by hair follicle inflammation, a condition known as folliculitis.

  • Shaving Creams

Another reason for skin irritation when shaving is the kind of creams you use. That’s because the cosmetic market has many products tailored for men and women. Female shaving creams tend to be gentle and mild when compared to the male ones.

Male creams also tend to contain more perfume. That means that using male shaving creams can lead to skin irritations such as stinging after shaving.

  • Pressure

Another cause of skin irritation during shaving is applying too much pressure. You might be aiming for a closer shave, but applying too much pressure only enables the blade to collect dead skin cells.

6 Tips on How to Prevent Skin Irritations before Shaving

  • Pre-Trim Hard To Shave Hairs

One of the best ways to prevent skin irritations before shaving is to use a pair of scissors. That’s because you need to cut long hair before you proceed to shave. That prevents you from applying a lot of force as you shave.

  • Shower Before Shaving

Another tip to carry out before shaving is by showering before shaving. You should also make sure you get your skin to dry. Wet skin makes shaving harder, leading to skin irritations. That’s because it makes the movements of your shaver harder as you attempt to get a clean cut.

  • Shaver Settings

Another trick is to use the shaver settings that suit your shaving styles. Depending on your budget, you should consider buying those that come with sensitive skin settings. That prevents you from having skin irritations.

  • Gel and Foams

You may prefer wet shaving styles. That means you should choose the shaving gels or foams that won’t make your skin wet. It enables you to reduce chances of skin irritations.

  • Clean Shaver

Ensure you clean your shaver before using it for shaving. That allows it to be clean and optimal. Make sure you get rid of excess water. Use lukewarm water when cleaning.

Depending on your budget, you should also buy those that come with a Smart-clean system. That enables you to store them in the best conditions for future use.

  • Comb

Another tip is by making sure you brush your hair before shaving. That’s because it enables you to remove dead skin cells, allowing you to achieve a close shave. It also lets you align your hair to one direction.

3 Tips on How to Prevent Skin Irritations after Shaving

  • Exfoliate

One of the best tips to reduce skin irritations after shaving is ensuring you exfoliate after shaving. That’s because it enables you to unclog pores. That’s from the shaving creams and gels. It also prevents razor bumps as a result of ingrown hair.

  • Shave at Night

Another tip to reduce chances of irritated skin after shaving is by doing it a night. That’s because shaving at night enables your skin to recover. Keep in mind that our skins swell a little when we sleep during the deep sleep stages.

This swelling allows hair follicles to return to their roots. That prevents skin irritation chances. Shaving in the morning means you will be in a hurry. That means there will be no time for the skin to recover from shaving effects.

  • Apply Moisturizing Creams

Consider using moisturizing creams. That’s because they increase your skin’s ability to retain moisture. Keep in mind that dry skin leads to skin irritations.

Moisturizing creams work by penetrating deep into your skin’s outer layers. They prevent loss of moisture and also restore lipid and fat balance.

What to Do

  • Consider purchasing your shaving products from one reputable manufacturer. That enables you to be sure of using quality products.
  • Another tip is to ensure you check online reviews of shaving products. That lets you buy those that other consumers recommend.
  • Avoid purchasing shaving products that get sold at below market prices. That’s because you may find yourself experiencing skin irritations as a result of using inferior products.
  • Check the manufacturing dates of products such shaving creams, gels and soaps. That enables you to avoid purchasing expired products, which in most cases lead to skin irritations.

Final Thoughts

The above guide on what to consider before, when and after shaving should make you reduce chances of skin rash on neck and irritations. Key points to keep in mind are purchasing quality shaving products and using the above shaving tips.

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