What Does Beard Oil Do and Using Beard Oil

  Men have had beards since man first walked upright. Now and then, you will come across men who keep their beards clean and attractive, but then again, there are also those who can’t bear the hassle involved in maintaining a good beard. One best ways of taking care of a good beard is using beard oil. If you are wondering: what does beard oil do, then there is a lot to know.

For those growing a beard for the first time, there are several things you will notice. Your beard may be growing in different directions, the skin underneath your beard is feeling quite itchy and flaking, or it’s getting quite coarse. Men who have kept beards for many years will tell you about many challenges they have endured to keep their beards in the best shape. You should expect all these if you are not taking care of your beard properly. You can easily do away with all these problems by using beard oil.

Beard oil has been around for many years. However, many people have not put it into consideration until recently when the beard trend took off worldwide. Before the huge beard explosion, beard oil was chiefly reserved for the beard enthusiasts who have been keeping beautiful and tidy facial hair for years. Beards are naturally manly and you should keep them in the best condition. To sport that epic beard, there is a lot to know about beard oil and what it does.

Using Beard Oil- Everything You Need to Know

If you are wondering: what does beard oil do, then you are not alone. Those using beard oil for the first time will have doubts when applying it on their facial hair. Beard oil is normally a moisturizer and cologne all combined. It is a combination of nourishing botanicals that hydrate and mollify the skin as well as soften facial hair. Many beard enthusiasts who want to sport that epic and sophisticated look wonder: when is the right time to start applying beard oil?

Beard oil makers will claim that you can start to use beard oil the very first time you notice a bit of stubble. This may be too early, but there are many benefits of using quality beard oil. As the beard hair follicle grows longer, it will start to suck up all the sebum oil and will want more oil in the process. The widely-dreaded itch begins as the skin is running dry on sebum oil. As days go by, flaking will start and get worse if you don’t know what to do. A nasty beardruff will take control and your facial hair will feel coarse and crunchy. Now, you need to introduce an all-natural solution- beard oil which will keep your skin well-nourished and moisturized.

best beard oil

Beard oil is made up of two basic ingredients- carrier and essential oils. When in looking for the best beard oil in the market, go for one that contains two core ingredients; argan and jojoba oils. These are carrier oils and quite awesome for your beard. Essential oils are great for beards as they provide a wonderful scent and fight acne whenever you shave your beard. They also help your beard follicle grow faster.

How to Use Beard Oil Properly

Knowing how to properly use beard oil will help you do away with itch and keep your face healthy. Many men shave their beard because it itches and not properly taking care of it. Applying beard oil is an easy process that you should not mess up, because you know what beard oil does you should not have any reservations applying it. Now and then, you will come across a question like: how often should I apply beard oil? The simplest answer would be: use beard oil as often as you would like, but it is advisable to apply beard oil once a day or every other day at the most. If you have made you mind to keep your beard in best condition and epic, it’s time to learn how to apply it correctly. Here are tips to guide you understand what does beard oil do;

  1. Always use beard oil after shower

After showering, you normally open the pores in your skin and make it easier for the skin to take in essential nutrients and moisturizers. Essentially, dry your beard before applying beard oil of choice and get rid of water that may hinder the oil to do its job.

  1. Figure out how much beard oil to apply

Men who are novices to beard oil may take time to figure out how often to use beard oil. Beard oil application can range from once a day or a week. However, you should not apply it more than once in a single day.

  1. Ascertain how much beard oil to apply

Oil does not evaporate like water-based products, therefore apply the correct amount of oil on your facial hair. Apply an amount that your skin and beard can easily absorb and work properly as anticipated. I started out with 2 to 3 drops when my beard was short, and adjust as it gets longer.

  1. How to properly apply beard oil

The best and most suitable way of applying beard oil is to rub it between both your hands and then gently apply it across your beard and more so with the grain of your beard. It is wise to use a comb or a hard brush to properly apply the oil into your beard. Combing your beard will also get rid of tangles, as well as make your beard soft.

If you are ready to shine and perfect your style with latest beard evolution, you should embrace the best beard oil available. There are many beard oil manufacturers out there but you should go for a reputed design and understand “what does beard oil do.” If you have never used beard oil before, don’t stress yourself. Get the best beard oil in the market today and soften, as well as, moisturize your beard. Get rid of that itchy beardruff also.

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