Panasonic ER2403K503 Men’s Washable Beard Trimmer in Black Review

Are you a beginner who has just started to maintain and trim your stubble? Are you looking for a beard trimmer that not only helps you trim your stubble perfectly but is also easy to use and affordable? The Panasonic ER2403K503 Men’s Washable Beard Trimmer is one of the best choices for you to try and you will start feeling confident about your new look in no time. This trimmer from Panasonic gives you excellent control over your looks and makes you daring enough to try out new beard styles every day.  You will be happy to find that you don’t have to stand before the mirror for long hours to get your sideburns and stubble right. With this high-performance trimmer from Panasonic, it takes minutes to get the right style. Read on through our beard trimmer review to understand more about the features and settings of this trimmer.



The classy black Panasonic ER2403K503 Men’s Washable Beard Trimmer is sleek, stylish and high in performance. The trimmer proves to your best companion if you have just started out to style/trim your stubble. The top features of this trimmer are:

  • Washable blades that are made with round tips to achieve the dual purpose of skin safety and smooth shaves
  • Comes with different length settings ranging from 3mm to 15mm with 5mm steps in between them; this gives you flexibility to choose the exact length of your beard, moustache and hair
  • Battery operated – requires two rechargeable AAA batteries for functioning
  • Comes with a cutter width of 3mm, which gives you enough precision and accuracy while trimming
  • Can be easily cleaned as the blades and heads can be removed without any hassles
  • Comes with a cleaning brush to aid in the cleaning process
  • Weighs all of just 128 grams, which makes it lightweight and very compact while handling
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  • Great for beginners as it is easy to use, comfortable, durable and affordable at just around £24
  • Works perfectly when trimming short beards and stubbles
  • Can be used as a cordless model, which gives you the flexibility to use it on the go
  • Well-designed as the blades are held securely to the trimmer, thereby ensuring that you have a close shave without causing any skin injuries
  • Waterproof and comes with great accuracy – two of the signature styles of Panasonic
  • Ideal for travel, gym, and outdoor uses
  • Excellent quality of build and style that gives you the feeling of using a costly trimmer


  • Take a long time to trim long and dense beards, but works better on stubble
  • Requires frequent oiling if you want the trimmer to work for a long period
  • Sometimes, it is required to work in the same places again and again for getting a perfect trim
  • Trimmer clogs up easily when working on long stubble and beards

Bottom Line

Every trimmer in the market comes with its merits and demerits. The Panasonic ER2403K503 Men’s Washable Beard Trimmer is no exception to this rule. It comes in with 3.6 out of 5 stars with only 62% four stars or more, and 19% with 1 star. The reviews of this beard trimmer and cost versus performance make us recommend looking at our top beard trimmers instead of this one. Best Beard Trimmer Reviews

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