How To Apply Beard Oil – The Ultimate Guide Every Man Should Read

Looking good every day is a must; whether you are at home running your online business or working at your office in the city. It’s not enough to dress in clean clothes and shoes that complement each other. You need to make sure that your beard looks great too. Let’s face it; you don’t want to look like a hobo dressed in appealing clothes and shoes. Thanks to proper care that includes grooming with beard oil and brushing with a beard brush/ comb among other accessories, you are guaranteed to look great each day. Not only will your beard appear well trimmed, but you will tame the itchy beard into a soft and well-behaved mane. Just like moisturizers help to make the skin look young and supple, beard oil keeps facial hair well-oiled making it to be soft and strong. Today, men are slowly embracing the culture of growing beards, but the problem comes with grooming. Majority of the men do not know how to apply beard oil correctly to ensure a soft and well-trimmed beard. Want to know how?

Here is how to apply beard oil

What you need?

What you need to know is that beard oil not only makes you look good, it helps to condition, reduce itching, and make your beard look nicer. So, what do you need to get started?

  1. Beard oil

Start with the best brand that is perfect for you. Today, the market is full of brands that offer a wide variety of models for users to select from. Some brands are known to use high quality materials finally formulating a product that works as advertised. Other brands use cheap chemicals that have adverse effects on the user’s skin. Not only will they result in rashes or other infections but they will damage your facial hair too. To help you make the right choice when shopping, here are a few brands to get you started:

  1. Wisdom Beard Oil
  2. Smooth Viking Beard Oil
  3. Mystic Man Organic Beard Oil
  4. Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil
  5. Woodland Harmony
  6. Leven Rose Fragrance-Free Conditioner and Beard oil

Always select a brand that is within your budget. This does not mean you should shop and purchase cheap brands that don’t work.


  1. Brush

Shopping for a beard brush is quite easy. Start by looking for reputable brands, search for a model with higher customer reviews and make the purchase. Some of the best brands to get you started include:

  1. CanYouHandleBar’s brush with travel case
  2. Bass Brushes Brush
  3. The Beardman Beard and hair brush
  4. Liberty Grooming brush
  5. Smooth Viking Brush
  6. Zeus Beard brush


How To Apply Beard Oil – The Procedure

Step One – The Amount to use

When you purchase any genuine brand of beard oil, you will find instructions imprinted on the label. These instructions are designed to guide and help you achieve the best results. There are factors that determine how much beard oil to be used. They include the length and thickness of your beard. With most beards, a little will go a long way in ensuring it looks great. According to experts, 6 drops each day are enough especially if your beard is long. This roughly translates to 100 uses or three months use for a one ounce bottle. Here is more information to help guide you when it comes to the right amount to be used.


  1. Beardless to 1 month growth – 3 to 4 drops for daily treatment
  2. One to Three months growth – 4 to 6 drops for daily treatment
  3. Three to twelve – 6 to 10 drops for daily treatment
  4. 12 months onwards – 10 drops or more for daily treatment


Step Two – The right pouring technique

Beard oils are sold in small bottles which have a capacity of 1 to 3 ounces. To make dispensing much easier, the bottles are either fitted with a cap or a dropper. With the dropper, users are able to squeeze the precious beard oil and release it on one’s palm.

One thing you need to note is that this technique is quite easy. You don’t need previous experience to perform it. Just squeeze and drop. For a bottle with a cap, you can always purchase a spare dropper from the store. This will allow you to make the right measurements. Pouring out the liquid onto your palm will result in poor measurements. You may end up having less or more which means the beard oil will not work effectively for your whole beard. Furthermore, too much will result in your shirt having stains.

For bottles that come with droppers, it is important to ensure the tip of the dropper does come into contact with any contaminants. This prevents your oil from being contaminated.


Step Three – How to apply

Once you have squeezed out the required number of drops on your palm, start by rubbing them together to ensure even distribution. Next, massage the oil into your hair using your palms. When doing so, make sure you are able to massage close to the roots. This will not only benefit the skin but the facial hair too.

Don’t forget the mustache. It is part of facial hair and grooming it will result in you looking great. If you have residue oil on your palms, don’t wipe it away. You can apply it just below the lower jaw and close to the neck. Thanks to the active ingredients used in the formulation of beard oil such as essential oils, they will help in making your skin healthy. Once you are done, take your brush and comb. Proceed to run them through and style it the way you want.


When is the perfect time to apply beard oil?

The right time to apply your beard oil is immediately after you shower. Why? If you shower with warm or hot water, your skin pores are opened. This makes it easy for the beard oil to benefit the skin. Why? The active ingredients in the oil are able to be absorbed into the skin improving its health and status. Before applying, make sure that your beard is dry. From your chemistry knowledge, you already know that water and oil do not mix. So, the oil will not work as intended for wet hair.


How often should you apply beard oil?

It is recommended that users should apply the oil once in a day. Since it is part of your morning ritual, it will ensure that you attain a classy look all day. One thing you need to know is that weather pattern or surrounding conditions may affect the frequency of application. For example, if you reside in humid areas, you may get away with applying once every two days. If you reside in cold or dry regions, once in a day is enough.


Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to effectively apply beard oil, how often to do it, what amount is required and when to apply, you have no excuse to leave your home looking disheveled. It is important to maintain style and elegance every single moment you walk out of your home. For reviews of the best beard oils read here.

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