Remington MB4011 Gentleman’s Tool Kit Review

Remington has earned a reputable name in the men’s grooming industry with its high-quality grooming set with efficient technology. It manufactures trimmers that provide ultimate comfort and flexibility for users to choose the exact length of hair/beard style that they want. The Remington MB4011 Gentleman’s Grooming Set is no exception to this rule. With the personalised and cool styles that are possible with this grooming kit, men carry off their new stubbles/beards and haircuts with a new-found confidence. This kit is a one-stop solution for all your grooming requirements as it comes with a variety of features and settings that are designed for the true gentleman in you. Take a look at these the features in this grooming kit review.


Are you looking for a grooming set that takes care of your stubble, hair, fine lines, necklines, sideburns and moustache – all at the same time at an attractive price? Powered by sophisticated technology, the Remington MB4011 Gentleman’s Tool Kit is all what you ever need for in a grooming kit. And what’s more? It is priced only around £20, which is incredible when compared to the brands that charge twice as much. The top features of this grooming kit are:

  • Comes with a beard trimmer that has six inbuilt, lock-in settings ranging from 1.5mm to 16.5mm to give you ultimate flexibility to sport the stubble/hair style that you want
  • Comes with a Nose & Ear Trimmer with linear trimming head, which helps you to remove unwanted hair in these areas and make them look fine and sharp. You can use this for trimming your eyebrows as well for a well-groomed look
  • Comes with a surprising gift: a moustache-themed mug that brings a smile to your face when you open the package
  • Self-sharpening steel blades with round tips to ensure smooth shaves and skin protection
  • All the trimmers come with heads that can be easily removed and washed
  • Battery operated and cordless mode so, you can use it on the go
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  • Provides full value for money
  • Washable heads, which makes cleaning very easy
  • Not many brands give you additional mugs along with their grooming kit – this makes the Remington MB4011 Gentleman’s Tool Kit quite different
  • Nose trimmer comes with exposed blades; therefore it easy to clean off the cut hair
  • Flexible length adjustments on the beard trimmer offer more comfort than what it is charged for
  • Lightweight shaver
  • Trims and shapes all lengths of beard perfectly


  • Cases of the beard trimmer and nose & ear trimmer made from low-quality plastic
  • Works on ordinary AA batteries and not on rechargeable batteries
  • Doesn’t have a charging point
  • This is a very average set, and if you have a very thick beard or hair in general this isn’t going to do the trick.

Bottom Line

The most important factors that work in favor of the Remington MB4011 Gentleman’s Grooming Set is its price. It comes with two trimmers – beard and nose & ear for a price of around £20, which is truly commendable. Both these trimmers have inbuilt adjustments to give you the flexibility of choosing the length that you want. Therefore, this kit offers great value for money. However, is comes in with a subpar 3.7 out of 5 stars, and the overall reviews do not put to favourable a light on this Remington grooming kit. We recommend you read some other reviews first before buying this, unless price is your main deciding factor. If you are looking for a beard trimmer the best place to start is our quick guide Top beard trimmers, and if you are looking for a top grooming kit here is a very good one Philips QG3337 Grooming Kit Review.

>>Amazon link to Remington MB4011 Gentleman’s Tool Kit<<

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