Wahl Lithium Blitz 3 in 1 Beard Trimmer Review

Is your current trimmer dying due to low charge quite often? Are you looking for a trimmer that comes with great battery life? If yes, the Lithium Blitz Beard Trimmer from one of the oldest and most reputed names in the grooming world, Wahl, is the right choice for you. Wahl has been making products since 1919, and you can be assured that this trimmer comes with battery power that just cannot be compared with the normal rechargeable batteries that you find in most of the other trimmers in the market. Interested to know more? Read our Wahl beard and stubble review to get introduced to some of the features and settings of this trimmer.



The Wahl Lithium Blitz Beard Trimmer is priced at around £78, and is loved by many people across the globe, because of its superior battery power and durability. Wahl is an expert in making trimmers powered with technologically sophisticated batteries, and this 3 in 1 Lithium Blitz Beard Trimmer is no exception to this rule. The top features of this trimmer are:

  • Batteries powered by Lithium Ion Thus they come with 100% more running time and 100% more power of the rechargeable batteries available in the market
  • Can be used as a cordless model, thus giving you the flexibility to use it on the go
  • Can be used for four hours (close to 3months of usage) at a stretch, when charged for just one hour
  • For all those who are in a hurry or those who forgot to charge their trimmers, this comes with a quick charge facility as well – just one minute of charge gives up to three minutes of usage
  • Comes with three attachments for cutting
    • Trimmer blade for bringing about fine trims and edges on your beard
    • Foil shaver head for smooth shaves below the beard
    • Detail foil shaver for smooth lines above the beard
  • Comes with 12 interchangeable guide combs with length settings ranging from 0.5mm to 25mm, giving you the flexibility to choose the exact length that you want. This is one of the longer guide lengths out there to help you keep your long beard trimmed.
  • Three stubble combs – stubble (for a small, 3-day beard), medium length (tight beard) and full (long & denser beard)
  • Blades powered with high precision grinding technology so that that they are nicely ground to give a high quality of shave. The finer the teeth, the finer the quality.
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  • Comes with a variety of features and attachments – trimmer, detail shaver, foil shaver, 12 combs, beard comb, blade oil, cleaning brush, storage stand, soft pouch for storage, charger, and manual
  • Excellent battery life which has 4 hours of usage for an hour’s charge – one of the best in the world
  • Technologically sophisticated blades and trimmers, which ensures smooth shaves and high-quality trims
  • Interchangeable shaving heads to choose your need and convenience with the help of T-Blade
  • Motor comes with a five-year warranty, which explains the durability of the trimmer, and Wahl is known for their quality


  • Quite steeply priced
  • Sometimes, hair gets stuck between the comb and trimmer head, thereby making it quite painful for users
  • Removing the trimmer head seems to be cumbersome, and you will need to read the instructions to make sure you are doing it correctly.

Bottom Line

This trimmer was first available in July 2015 and has received mixed reviews. It currently has 3.9 out of 5 stars with 75% being four stars or higher, but over 15% are one star. The price point of this Wahl trimmer makes it quite an investment for the mixed reviews out there. There are quite a few other trimmers on the market at a lower price point which might suit you better. The one definite upside is the length of the trimmer guide up to 25 mm for maintaining a longer beard. Look through some of our other beard trimmer reviews if you don’t think this will meet your expectations like the Best Beard Trimmer Reviews.

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