Top 3: Beard Trimmer with Vacuum

beard trimmer with vacuumYou read the title right, a Beard Trimmer with Vacuum – does it get better than that for male grooming!? When it comes to trimming beards, most men not only want to keep their facial hair well groomed, but also want to keep their bathrooms nice and tidy. In an effort to achieve both of these goals, many men find it ideal to buy a beard and mustache trimmer that has a built-in vacuum system. A vacuum trimmer usually operates using a suction system that captures most of the facial hair as it falls. As a result, this makes cleanup of hair fast and easy after a grooming session.

How Beard Trimmer’s With Vacuum Work

The technology behind vacuum beard trimmers varies depending on the manufacturer. Some of these trimmers draw suction power from the rotating blades or a fan, while others make use of vacuum attachment heads. A common feature amongst these grooming appliances is the use of a hair collection chamber. Once hair fills up in the collection compartment, you can empty it to prevent clogging or compromising suction power. You’ll also find models that come with a hairbrush to remove any follicles that may entangle the shaving head or blades.

Benefits of Using a Vacuum Beard Trimmer

There are several benefits that make beard trimmers with vacuums a good investment. For starters, you don’t have to clean up a lot of hair after trimming your beard. Secondly, little hair to clean after means that you can save time. As such, vacuum trimmers are ideal for the busy man who wants to save time in today’s fast-paced world.

The Other Half Will Be Pleased

Remember those squabbles that often revolve around you not cleaning mustache and beard hair that falls on the toilet bowl or sink? Well, those hectic days when you would leave a counter full of beard stubble will be a thing of the past once you invest in this nifty, little device. Since an integrated vacuum system will suck most of the hair, you can quickly clean your mess after a grooming session while avoiding those occasional quarrels with your spouse about a messy bathroom.

No More Itchy Eyes

Sometimes small hairs can fly off the attachment head of an electric razor and land on your eyeball. This can cause serious irritation. Removing foreign objects like hair from your eye can also be tricky. But, with a vacuum trimmer, the odds of this happening are reduced. The reason for this is that the trimmer easily sucks most of the hair, especially those light, tinny clippings.

Whether it’s your first time purchasing a vacuum trimmer, or you’re looking to upgrade to one that offers a reliable suction system, you’re bound to come across many choices when shopping around. If you have been contemplating on treating yourself to a vacuum beard trimmer but find it difficult to make your final choice, fret not as we’ve picked the top 3 vacuum beard trimmers from leading brands on the market. The trimmers featured in the list have been chosen based on customer ratings and user reviews.

The Top 3 Vacuum Beard Trimmers

Remington MB6550 Vacuum Beard and Grooming Kit

The Remington MB6550 beard trimmer efficiently sucks 80-90% of facial fallout with its built-in vacuum technology. It works
with two vacuum attachment heads to deliver a mess-free trim. When the trimmer collects hair to capacity, simply pop the easy clean vacuum chamber to empty it.

This vacuum trimmer from Remington is a complete grooming kit since it comes with three attachment heads, 1 adjustable comb and 4 fixed combs. Therefore, you can trim and define the shape of your beard with ease. In addition, the titanium self-sharpening blades deliver exceptional cutting performance. Every package comes with an adapter for charging the Lithium-ion battery. Charge time ranges between 3 to 5 hours, which allows you to use the trimmer for about 60 minutes on a full battery.


  • Effective vacuum that features no mess trimming and reduces cleaning time
  • Easy clean vacuum chamber empties with little fuss
  • Supports up to 60 minutes of cordless usage
  • Washable heads provide easy cleaning
  • Comes with travel friendly storage case
  • Adjustable comb offers many cutting lengths to choose from, ranging from 2 to 16 mm
  • Has a mini screen shaver which allows you to trim clean lines around the edges of your beard
  • USB Charging and Storage case


  • The body might seem a little bulky to handle
  • It can be difficult to get a close stubble trim since the lowest cutting length is 2 mm

Philips QT4050 Turbovac Rechargeable Vacuum Beard Trimmer

The QT4050 vacuum beard trimmer from Philips features a built-in vacuum, which aids in catching stray hairs when trimming.
You can expect a precise and even trim with the flexing guide comb that follows every curve on your face. Overall, there are 18 cutting lengths, ranging from 1 to 18 mm. The best feature about this vacuum trimmer is that it can offers long-lasting service with its self-sharpening no oiling blades.


  • Clear view hair chamber lets you know when it needs to be emptied
  • Turbo power boost enhances vacuum suction to minimize hair mess after shaving
  • Maintenance free blades
  • Corded and cordless usage
  • Zoom ring locks cut setting for an even and precise trim


  • Charge time can be lengthy (8 hours to be precise)
  • While vacuum system minimize mess when saving, it doesn’t’ suck 100% of cut hair

Philips QT4090/32 Vacuum Pro Beard Trimmer

This is a professional grade stubble trimmer with vacuum that has some of the best customer reviews around. Apart from having
an integrated vacuum system, this trimmer features the turbo boost button that increases suction power and cutting speed. A transparent construction lets you know when it’s time to empty the hair chamber.

When it comes to styling and grooming beards, the QT4090/32 Vacuum Pro Beard Trimmer from Philips allows you to do it all. Trim level starts from 0.5 to 18 mm and there is no need to swap attachment heads when choosing your preferred cut level. Simply turn the zoom ring to lock your chosen trimming length.

Handling this Philips trimmer feels comfortable thanks to the ergonomic design and contour following comb that follows the natural curves on your face. With the multi-functional display, you can check current cutting length, battery status, and charging indication.


  • Powerful vacuum trimmer designed with turbo power boost to increase suction and cutting speed
  • Clear view hair chamber makes cleaning easy
  • Choose any cutting length you want, whether it is a stubble or full beard
  • Little charge time (3-5 hours) provides of up to 50 minutes of cordless usage
  • Self-lubricating and maintenance free blades along with multi-functional display make this stubble trimmer easy to use
  • Ergonomic design, contour following head and zoom ring provide easy handling


  • The turbo vacuum only collects about 80% of cut hair

We also have a very in depth review of another beard trimmer with vacuum which could be in the top 3 also. Read about the Philips BT7202/13 Series 7000 Beard and Stubble Trimmer with Integrated Vacuum System.

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