Remington MB4045 Kit Beard Trimmer Review

Remington has been helping the world groom well for more than 75 years now. The brand has very consciously managed to meet all the high expectations of its old and new customers.

Famous for its quality and high standards, its products are to die for and will surely leave you thoroughly impressed. Remington promises to offer its patrons with cutting-edge technology to make their life simpler and easier.

The firm works with the world’s top salon professionals only to provide superior quality products that leave clients with no complaints. It’s smartly generated electrical personal care products work exceptionally well and make a great impression on its users.

Remington aims to continue to win accolades for its top quality services and has thus launched the latest Remington MB4045B Beard Kit.

Remington MB4045 Beard Kit is exclusively made for men who desire to look sturdy and out of the box. This first of its kind beard kit is stylish-looking and very smart in its functions too. The state of the art kit contains a beard trimmer, mixed boar bristle beard comb and stainless steel scissors.

It does the following:

  • Trimmer contains sharp blades so that you get a clean shaven skin which is soft and makes you look robust.
  • Bristle beard comb ensures to keep the quality of your skin intact. One can well groom its beard with this unique comb and look handsome and attractive like never before.
  • Last but not the least, the bear kit contains stainless steel scissors to help you shape your mustache or beard in the manner you like. These scissors are extremely sharp and will leave no spot uncut if used wisely and properly.

If in case you are new to these kinds of modern technologies, the brand offers the kit with an instruction booklet. This booklet will guide you along and ensure that you get familiar with every item inside the kit as soon as possible.

Following are the product specifications that may develop the urge in you to buy the kit:

  • Titanium coated blades that are fast and sharp and will leave your skin clean within split seconds
  • Self-sharpening blades will cut down on your work to replace them with new ones
  • The pop up trimmer is meant for detailed styling. Now you can copy celebrity styles and look as good as them
  • XL length adjustable comb will help to give minute details to your mustache and beard
  • Short length adjustable comb is meant for facial hair that is not grown enough
  • The battery of this trimmer is so good that the machine can work for 120 minutes straight on cordless usage
  • All you need to do is charge the equipment for four hours and you are good to go
  • Make sure you charge the item before going on long adventures or trips
  • The trimmer is lithium powered
  • The washable head of the trimmer gives you a chance to constantly clean the blades after every use
  • Unlike other trimmers, this one does not need to be cleaned regularly as it makes sure no facial hair gets stuck inside the blades
  • The trimmer has a charge indicator so you know when the item is almost charged

Customer Thoughts

When purchasing anything online, it is always worth taking a look at the online reviews submitted by customers who have used the product. When looking at Amazon for reviews of the Remington MB4045 Beard Kit, it is clear to see that it is a popular item that customers have been satisfied with. It scored a reasonable 4.6 out of 5 stars from 100 reviews submitted. 48 of those were for ratings of 4 out of 5 or more. Many of the reviewers are very pleased with the vast number of accessories the Kit comes with. A few have made comments they wish there was a case or cloth carrying bag of some type to hold all of the items in, but overall the customers seems very happy with the Remington MB 4045 Beard Kit.


Customers have posted very few negatives remarks in regards to this beard trimmer.


Women love men with a good beard and mustache. This beard kit is meant for men who want to woo as many women as they can with the stylishly detailed facial hair. All you need to do is use the product wisely and smartly and you do not even need to go to the salon every week to groom yourself. With this kit, you can self-groom and cut down on your monthly budget. Happy trimming and we hope you liked the beard trimmer review on the Remington MB4045 Beard Kit.

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