Remington BHT250 Delicates Body and Hair Trimmer Review

Are you frustrated at your skin getting cut every time you attempt for a thin shave or a detailed trim? If you have been facing this problem too often, it only means that you are using the wrong trimmer. Say goodbye to your old trimmer and welcome Remington’s BHT250 Delicates Body and Hair Trimmer to reinvent a new look every time you look at the mirror for shaving/grooming/styling. With over 75 years of experience in the men’s grooming industry Remington is a mainstay of high quality products. The Remington BHT250 is no exception to this rule. Read through our body hair trimmer review to know if this one will work for you.



With its sleek and stylish design, the Remington BHT250 Delicates Body and Hair Trimmer from Remington helps you achieve the perfect length of your hair and trim your facial/body hair just the way you always wanted it. The excellent features of this trimmer are:

  • Lithium powered batteries which can be used for an hour at a stretch when charged for four full hours
  • Comes with three fixed combs of 2mm, 4mm, and 6mm
  • Round- tip, TST stainless steel blades with 2mm, trim to achieve close shaves without causing any injuries or skin irritation problems
  • Sleek and lightweight design, so it is easy to carry this trimmer around and use it on the go
  • Waterproof so it can be used in the shower
  • Comes with a washout port, which makes the cleaning process a breeze
  • Cordless mode which gives ease of use
  • Comes with hang loop, which proves to be handy while putting it away safely in the shower


  • Very cost effective at just about £20 for the trimmer which provides you a host of features
  • Ideal for getting close trims in a stylish way so that there is no injuries or skin irritation while doing so
  • Comes with a 3-pin charging cable
  • The trimmer comes with LED lights, which lets you know the status of charging
  • Very easy to hold and operate as the trimmer is lightweight
  • Can be used for trimming your privates, but use caution. Your privates are important to you, and you should always use caution when trimming their. Don’t be a dummy and hurt your bait and tackle.
  • Interchangeable heads on the shaver give a lot of flexibility for users to choose the style and trim that they want
  • Trims the stubble finely until there is very little hair left on your face
  • Doesn’t require oils or external lubricants to clean the blades and heads
  • Very easy to wash, clean and maintain


  • Leaves some bits of hair behind while shaving
  • Many reviewers have said it did not do a good job of trimming in their private areas. They said it cut them.
  • Complete waxing effect is not achieved while trimming. This effect won’t be achieved with a trimmer, and you need to shave or wax to get that effect.

Bottom Line

The Remington BHT250 Delicates Body and Hair Trimmer is one of the complete solutions available in the market for getting a trim of your body and facial hair at this price range. Yes, it doesn’t give a glowing effect that you get like what you get in the parlors after a wax session. It has 3.9 out of 5 with 71% or more with 4 stars, and 13% with 1 star or more. We recommend you take a look at some of the other body and hair trimmers on our site like the Philips QG3352/23 Series 3000 all-in one beard, hair, and body trimmer.


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