Philips Series 9000 Laser Guided BT9280/33 Beard Trimmer Review

The Philips 9000 Laser Guided Beard Trimmer uses a laser for undertaking a slender, sharp-edged and simple to-see line onto your face, demonstrating to you absolutely where your facial hair will be trimmed. This stops you from speculating the result and cut exact, straight lines for flawless, symmetrical facial hair styles. This is one of the top rated beard trimmers on the market.

philips 9000 bt9280

The double sided trimmer gives you two choices in one cutting edge. To cut bigger zones of your whiskers, use the 32 mm superior trimmer, for even and brisk trims. Obviously, the face has numerous edges, and a few sections of your facial hair are presumably harder to get to than others. This makes it one of the best long beard trimmers.

That is the place the 15 mm accuracy trimmer becomes possibly the most important factor. Just turn the cutting edge around to cut intently without harming your skin – an element that is ideal for characterizing the edges of your facial hair.

Protected, Comfortable and Easy to Clean

You may be worried about having a laser in close vicinity to your eyes. There’s no requirement for caution, however – the laser guide used as a part of the Philips 9000 isn’t the sort found in powerful laser pointers known to do eye harm, it’s a first class laser which is in consistence with IEC60825-1 and is safe to the eyes.

Since the steel edges are self-honing, they stay sharp longer than traditional cutting edges. The favorable position allows hairs that are constantly trimmed rapidly and neatly without pulling. In spite of the sharpness of the edges they use adjusted tips and brushes to forestall skin aggravation.  Cleaning the Laser Guided Beard Trimmer is simple. It’s intended to be 100% waterproof – all that is important to clean, wash it under the tap after use. >>Amazon link to Philips Series 9000 Laser Guided Beard Trimmer BT9280/33 for Precise Symmetrical Beards<<

Flexible enough for any Facial Hair Style hair profundity

Keeping up short hair is simple. Simply bolt the beard trimmer into any of the seven length settings, somewhere around 0.4 and 7 mm, and trim. Utilize the short 0.4 mm setting for stubble and any of the other 6 settings for a short, sensible facial hair.

Propelled Technology for Maximum Functionality

Initially, you can check the LED indicator, which shows the length setting you’ve picked – and there is also a battery level indicator, which shows when it is time to recharge. Furthermore, if the battery runs low, it will run for 60 minutes on battery power, while you’re trimming your facial hair just connect the trimmer and proceed. Since the charger is planned with incorporated worldwide voltage similarity -100 to 240 volts. You can connect it to charge anyplace on the planet. The trimmer has a two-year overall certification and never needs oiling.

philips 9000 bt9280 2

The shaver is an incredible decision for any man whose dexterity isn’t up to the undertaking to chiseling a superbly molded facial hair.

Currently is has an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars with over 75% of reviewers giving it 4 stars or higher. Most of the negative comments believe the motor was too weak, or the laser guide was not needed. However, the vast majority of the positive reviewers really enjoyed the laser guide on the beard trimmer.


This is one of the best beard trimmers on the market. It is not only durable, but it is also highly effective and doesn’t disappoint at all, it delivers its work quite well and you will love it once you buy it. It is one of the more expensive trimmers on the market currently at around £74.99.

>>Amazon link to Philips Series 9000 Laser Guided Beard Trimmer BT9280/33 for Precise Symmetrical Beards<<

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