Philips QG3352/23 Series 3000 All In One Beard, Hair, and Body Trimmer Review

As the name suggests, the Philips QG3352/23 Series 3000 model single handedly solves all your beard, facial hair and body hair trimming concerns in one go. This is an all in one model which comes with eight attachments so that you can flaunt different styles with absolute ease and confidence. This is one of the most versatile trimmers available in the market today, for all the right reasons. Say goodbye to irritating and uneven cuts and long hours spent in trimming your hair. With this all in one trimmer, you can now choose the exact length of trim/cut that you want and carry off your style with great comfort. Read through our body trimmer review of all the features, pros and cons of this trimmer herewith.



Powered by superior technology, the Philips QG3352/23 Series 3000 multi-groomer is a complete package that helps you to choose the exact level of hair that you want to trim on your face, head, and body (armpits, chest & groin areas). Here are some of the top features of this trimmer:

  • Self-sharpening, Chromium steel blades with round tips to enable smooth shaves and protection for skin
  • Rechargeable NiMH batteries that can be used for an hour at a stretch when charged for 10 hours
  • Very easy to clean as the attachments can be removed and washed with plain water
  • Can be used as a wet and dry trimmer
  • Eighteen inbuilt length settings to choose the exact length of trim (ranged between 1mm and 18mm)
  • Comes with eight attachments to enable users the flexibility to choose from different styles
    • Full-size trimmer for adjustable beard and stubble trimming
    • mini foil shaver to remove unwanted hair on cheek and chin
    • detail trimmer to create fine lines and contours
    • nose trimmer to remove unwanted hair in the nose and ear areas
    • beard and stubble comb
    • detail comb
    • hair comb 19 length settings from 3mm to 20mm. This could also be used to trim a long beard, if you have one.
    • body comb with 10 settings for clean trimming of hair on the body
  • Comes with a compact pouch for storage and a detailed user manual

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  • Very versatile and proves to be a single solution for all trimming requirements
  • Excellent water-resistance functionality, which makes it one of the most-loved trimmers today
  • Good value for money – it comes with eight different attachments and 18 different length adjustments all for just £30.00
  • Easily removable attachments that can be cleaned without any hassles


  • The quality of the storage box is not that great
  • Trimming kit looks too small for some users
  • Beard trimming functionality is not of the expected quality, but with all the versatility it may make sense to use this as your body trimmer and purchase a separate beard trimmer.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a versatile trimming/shaving kit that allows you to choose different styles at different lengths at an affordable price, the Philips QP3352/23 Series 3000 All in One Beard, Hair and Body Trimmer is undoubtedly the right choice for you. While the multi-groomer has some shortcomings, it cannot be denied that it provides you more services and features than what it is charged for. A good trimming kit will pay dividends for you in the long run. The reviews bring it in at 4 out of 5 stars with 72% higher than 4 stars, and under 5% of one star. It is in the top ten for best-selling body groomers online.

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