Philips OneBlade Pro QP6510/30 Hybrid Trimmer & Shaver Review

Philips is one of the reputed names in the men’s grooming industry and is known to come up with models that have the best of design, technology, quality, performance, and durability. These are some of the main factors as to why Philips is one of the most respected brands today. The OneBlade Pro QP6510/30 Hybrid Trimmer & Shaver (12-length comb), is an excellent example of these factors. This trimmer has a sleek design and is packed with some powerful technology that helps you achieve the perfect style/length/grooming of your hair. Read our hybrid trimmer and shaver review to know about the features, and pros and cons of this product to understand if this product justifies its cost.



If you are one of the new-age men looking to follow different facial hair styles and grow well-groomed and styled beards this trimmer from Philips with its powerful OneBlade technology is the right choice for you. This trimmer is loaded with some high-class features like:

  • Comes with a fast moving cutter which moves at a speed of 200 cuts per second
  • Dual protection system, which ensures that you can enjoy a relaxing shave without being worried if your skin would get injured
  • OneBlade comes with rounded polymer tips and ultra-sharp features that ensure even cut of hair
  • Comes with a replaceable OneBlade that would last for about four months provided a blade can be used for two full shaves in a week
  • Adjustable precision comb that comes with 12 inbuilt lock settings for perfect trimming of beard, moustache, or goatee.
  • Dual-sided blade so that your visibility improves while cutting the hair – this ensures that you cut at the right places and thus saves a great deal of time
  • Can be used for closely shaving off the unwanted hair from the skin; however, doesn’t cause any injury to the skin
  • Can be used for drawing up the fine contours
  • Comes with Li-Ion rechargeable batteries that can be used for about 1 hour at a stretch when charged for the same time
  • Waterproof technology; therefore, this trimmer can be used while your hair is wet or dry and with or without foam
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Pros philips-qp6510

  • Very easy to use and quite skin-friendly
  • Helps to achieve the perfect edge on the style of your beard, thanks to its efficient blades
  • Comfortable on the skin though the blades are ultra-sharp
  • Can be used with or without foam as the instrument is water resistant
  • Helps in achieving contours and fine lines as it trims the fine areas of your face
  • Comes with 3 LED bar graphic indication showing status of battery with full/low, and charge
  • The hair is shaved off versus being cut off, which is how it is able to reduce nicks and cuts


  • Takes a long time to achieve the perfect shave, according to users
  • Sometimes, it is required to go over the same area again and again to get the perfect trim
  • Some people reported skin irritation within a few days of usage

Bottom Line

The Philips OneBlade Pro QP6510/30 Hybrid Trimmer & Shaver is one of the best electric trimmers on the market, and very highly rated. It has 4.3 out of 5 stars with 81% over four stars, and just over 10% one star. It sells for £45 currently, and the replacement cartridges at £12 for a single or £20 for a 3 pack. It is a really innovative trimmer for shaving.

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