Philips MG100/16 Series 1000 Precision Beard Styler Review

The Philips MG100/16 Series 1000 Precision Beard Styler is one of the best models available in the market if you want to cut/trim/style your beard to precision and to the length that you want, thanks to the settings and attachments that it comes with. If you have been struggling hard to get the perfect sideburns and well-styled edges all along in your life, you must try this facial hair trimmer to know what wonders you can work on your skin. Read our beard trimmer review for the features, pros, and cons of this trimmer.



Philips MG100/16 Series 1000 Precision Beard/Styler helps immensely when you want a neat and even trim, something that you have always longed for. If you believe that it takes hours for you to get ready and get the right length of your beard or stubble, watch your myths busted, thanks to the effective technology and efficient performance of this trimmer. The top features of this brand are listed below:

  • Comes with a precision trimmer of 21mm which helps you to achieve all kinds, styles, and lengths of goatees, stubbles, sideburns, necklines and moustache
  • Dual-Cut technology of the self-sharpening blades coupled with low-friction engineering, which helps you achieve quick cuts without damage to the skin
  • Detail foil shaver of 21mm for getting perfection in the fine lines and clean shaves
  • Three precision combs of 1mm, 3mm, and 5mm so that you can choose any length in your goatee, stubble, moustache, etc.
  • Tight grip, thanks to the rubber handle, so that you get a good hold of the instrument even when it is wet
  • Trimmer and combs are water resistant which makes it is easy to clean them under running water
  • Cordless and battery operated, which makes it ideal to be used on the go
  • Worldwide voltage compatibility and never needs to be oiled.
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  • Very easy to use as it comes with quite a lot of adjustments and attachments
  • Can be used in the shower as well
  • Doesn’t need any oil or external lubricant for cleaning/maintenance
  • Perfect for getting smooth shaves and fine trims on short stubbles
  • Comes with a lot of features like beard trimmer, foil shaver, three combs, cleaning brush and a battery
  • Very cost effective, because it is priced at just about £17.50, it does a reasonable job
  • Comes with a narrow head, which makes trimming sideburns, or goatees a very easy process
  • Very handy to hold and comprises of a good & sturdy grip
  • Works perfectly for sensitive skin


  • A few reviewers felt it was not that effective when it comes to styling beards to short lengths
  • Plastic case which wraps the styler is not of good quality
  • Takes quite a long time to style dense beards

Bottom Line

Use the Philips MG100 16 Series 1000 Precision Beard Styler for correcting your sideburns and necklines. However, if you want to make intricate styles on your beards and get the perfect trim on them, you must be prepared to spend a lot of time.  If you are those “quick-shave” types, you will not find much help with this trimmer and would be better off with a higher-level trimmer like the Philips BT7202/13 Series 7000 Beard and Stubble Trimmer with Integrated Vacuum System Review .The Philips MG100/16 beard styler currently has 4.1 out of 5 stars with 79% four stars or higher, and only 2% with 1 star. This trimmer will get the basic job of a beard or stubble trim done for you.

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