Philips BT5200/13 Beard and Stubble Trimmer Series 5000 Review

Gone are the days when you had to wait for a whole 3 or 4 days to show the natural look of your beard. With the new-age trimmers, it is now possible to style, cut and trim your beard and hair exactly to the level that you want. The Philips BT5200/13 Beard and Stubble Trimmer Series 5000 is one of the new-age tools that have been making a revolution in the grooming/trimming world. You can now control the way in which you look, and this gives you great confidence to experiment with your styles often. Read through this beard trimmer review to see what we have to say.



The Philips BT5200/13 Beard Trimmer comes with adjustable settings and inbuilt length adjustments which help you to cut and groom your beard to the level that you want. Now, sporting a 3-day beard or stubble or a stylish long beard every day is very easy, thanks to the settings in this trimmer. Some of the excellent features of this trimmer are:

  • Comes with 17 inbuilt settings ranging from 0.4mm to 10mm that can be achieved easily by choosing the range and locking the trimmer wheel
  • Cordless model that gives you freedom to use it on the go
  • Excellent precision control while choosing cutting requirements – 0.2mm steps between 0.4mm and 1mm, 0.5mm steps between 1mm and 5mm & 1mm steps between 5mm and 10mm
  • Flexible and comfortable design of the beard comb
  • Great for having any style of beard and for trimming the hair on intricate areas like around your nose/mouth
  • Skin-friendly, self-sharpening steel blades with round tips are very high on performance
  • 100% waterproof and very easy to clean
  • Excellent battery life; trimmer can be used for about 55 minutes at a stretch when charged fully for an hour. Can also be plugged in if you want to use it that way too.
  • Comes with worldwide voltage compatibility – a signature feature of all Philips trimmers



  • Very durable and reliable as the trimmer is skin-friendly
  • Helps you to have precise control over the level of your beard, thanks to its inbuilt length settings and attachments
  • Easy to maintain and clean as the blades and attachments can be removed and washed off with plain water
  • Can be used for main beard trimming and for achieving precision at the finer areas of your mouth and nose
  • Has 3 day stubble setting at 4mm, if you want to maintain a rugged stubble look.
  • The blades self-sharpen when they are being used to ensure a great trim.
  • The rounded tips and combs help to make sure your skin is not irritated during the trimming process.
  • Never need to oil the trimmer


  • Some users have reported of weak motor and frequent hair-clogging issues in this model
  • Doesn’t work effectively for long and dense beards, as most of the models of beard trimmer which don’t go over 10mm this will be an issue.

Bottom Line

The Philips BT5200/13 Beard and Stubble Trimmer is one of the best models that you can choose for shorter beards and for detailing purposes. However, if you have a long and dense beard, you might have to look for alternate choices in the market. Also, at about £30, this trimmer is correctly priced for what it offers. It currently has 4.3 out of 5 stars with 86% percent being four star or higher. This is one of the highest percentage of 4 star or greater percentages for a beard trimmer out there, and is the #4 selling facial trimmer online.

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