BaByliss 7847U i-Stubble Trimmer Review

Making BaByliss for men your preferred choice when it comes to shavers and stubble trimmers is a great decision. This brand has a reputation of manufacturing some of the best male grooming appliances on the market. However, their long line up of i-Trim shavers can leave any buyer confused over which model to select. For those trying to choose a beard shaver or stubble trimmer from BaByliss for Men, the 7847U i-Stubble should definitely be one of the top choices to consider.

The BaByliss for Men 7847U i-Stubble trimmer offers plenty of features designed with end users in mind. This review will highlight all the features of the i-Stubble as well as the pros and cons to expect should you choose to purchase this mens’ grooming appliance.

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Ultra Sharp, Durable and High-Tech Blades

The cutting effectiveness of any stubble trimmer is as good as its blade construction. The i-Stubble features ultra-sharp and durable blades. The blades have been formed electrochemically to give them that extra sharpness and resilience.

Whether you want to maintain a short shadow look, longer stubble, or a well-groomed full beard, this product can help you style your facial hair in many ways. Much of this can be attributed to the trimmer’s good range of cutting lengths. You can adjust the blades to cut hair at 30 different length settings, starting from 0.5 mm to 15mm. With the precise dial control, the comb guide can be adjusted with precision at increments of 0.5 mm. When you want to outline the edges of your beard, simply remove the guide comb to trim up the lines.

Designed for Corded and Cordless Use

Designed to operate on rechargeable batteries or direct power from a wall socket, the 7847U i-Stubble BaByliss for men gives users flexibility of use. If you want more freedom of movement, simply charge the battery and trim your beards on cordless mode. The battery life can last 6 to 7 quick shaves when fully charged. This means that you don’t have to charge it after each use, although this will obviously depend on how often and long you usually shave. When using the trimmer directly from a wall socket, the 1.8 m cord still offers a generous range of movement.

Washable and Auto Lubricating Components

Unlike other electric shavers that require frequent oiling, the i-Stubble features an auto-lube system. As such, this trimmer requires very little maintenance to keep it in great working condition. Every package also comes with a cleaning brush for removing hairs that accumulate on the trimmer over time. An added advantage that makes cleaning easy is the fact that the i-Stubble is washable. All you have to do to keep the trimming head free of hairs is rinse it under running tap water.

Lightweight and Soft Buzzing Motor

Compared to shaving appliances from other brands in the market, the i-Stubble is pretty solid and light in weight. This makes handling easy when holding the device. Its soft buzzing motor allows you to have a conversation with someone while shaving without having to raise your voice.

Package Details and Included Accessories

  • The main trimmer
  • 1.8 m power cord
  • Cleaning brush
  • Comb guide
  • Information booklet


  • Electrochemically formed blades that bolster sharpness and resilience
  • Provides the flexibility of cordless and corded use
  • Washable trim head and auto-lube system makes cleaning and maintenance easy
  • Designed with lightweight body, sliding on/off button and turning length adjustment dial for easy handling
  • Back designed with furrows to enhance grip
  • Features a wide range of cutting lengths
  • Quiet motor


Does not come with trimming accessories like mustache and beard combs. However, one can choose to purchase suitable add-ons separately.

Overall Customer Ratings

Majority of buyers who have used the i-Stubble speak highly of it. Many customer reviews highlight the positive sides of the trimmer, from its ease of use to the good range of cutting lengths. A few reviews claim that the shaver breaks down too quickly, but keep in mind that this will ultimately depend on how you use it. By following the instruction manual and manufacturers recommended maintenance practices, the i-Stubble can last for a long time.

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If you’re looking for a stubble or beard trimmer that simplifies your grooming toolkit, then the BaByliss for men 7847U i-Stubble trimmer is the way to go. This grooming appliance lets you style your facial hair at the turn of a dial with 30 different cutting lengths. Overall, it’s a great value trimmer given its ease of use, flexibility and long list of features.

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