Babyliss 7056CU Cordless Rechargeable 8 In 1 All Over Grooming Kit Review

If you are looking for a one-stop solution for all your trimming and grooming for your facial and body hair, the Babyliss 7056CU Cordless Rechargeable 8 in 1 all over grooming kit is the right choice for you. It comes with various types of combs and trimmers so that you can achieve the style that you wanted. This is one of the most professional trimmers available in the market as it does its job with a great degree of quality by providing comfort/safety to the users at the same time. Take a look at the features, pros and cons of this trimming kit to understand more about this product and to know how it provides good value for your money.



One of the best hair trimmers today for facial & body hair, the Babyliss 7056CU Cordless Rechargeable 8 in 1 All Over Grooming Kit comes with a range of combs, trimmers and attachment heads to help you achieve a high quality of trimming within a short span of time. Some of the excellent features of this kit are:

  • Comes with rechargeable trimmer that can be used as a corded/cordless unit
  • Four attachment heads that can be interchanged and maintained easily
  • Five position comb guides that can be used for lengths of 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm and 15mm
  • Three body-grooming guides of 5mm, 7mm, and 10mm
  • Precision trimmer (1mm) that can be used with one of these comb guides or individually
  • Detail trimmer head for fine lines and details, foil shaver head for super-smooth finish, ear/nose trimmer head for removing unnecessary hair around the ears
  • Comes with a storage stand that doubles up as charging stand as well
  • Comes with a cleaning brush and lubricating oil for effective cleaning & maintenance
  • Very effective price at around £17
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  • Very compact and great visual appeal
  • Can be used for varying hair lengths and styles with a great deal of precision, thanks to the combs, trimmers and attachment heads
  • Very safe for the skin
  • Gives ultimate comfort and flexibility for users to try different styles with confidence
  • Very easy to clean and maintain
  • Long battery life; however, ensure that you use your trimmer for the first time only after it has been charged for 16 hours at a stretch, for best results


  • Some users reported cuts in their skin when using this model with slight pressure
  • Some don’t like the quality of trimming this provides, as they feel that it doesn’t take into account the finer details of trimming
  • Some pieces reportedly broke off within a short span of usage

Bottom Line

Yes, the Babyliss 7056CU is not a perfect trimmer that you would find in the market. However, we must admit that it provides more services than what we pay for. At such an affordable price range, this trimmer comes with various features that help us try different hair styles daily. It is great for smooth lines, removing unwanted hair for achieving fine detailing to a considerable extent. Hence, it is worth trying out this product, if you want a professional grooming experience at an affordable price. It has 3.9 out of 5 stars currently with a large amount of reviews, and about 70% 4 stars or higher. The variantions in reviews are people who really believe this product was very bad or perfect for them. If you are looking to need a trimmer you use daily, you are going to want to buy a more robust trimmer. Look through our other reviews for a higher level quality product like the Wahl 9916-1117 Groomsman Review. There are a multitude of questions answered if you still are looking for more information on the Babyliss 7056CU, just follow the link.

>>Amazon link to Babyliss 7056CU Cordless Rechargeable 8 In 1 All Over Grooming Kit<<

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