Top facial hairstyles for the summer

The style of facial hair keeps changing every season. New trends keep coming up often, and men can experiment with these to sport a fashionable and innovative look. It is time to break free from your regular styles and try out some of these styles that have been newly introduced this season. Watch your friends go green with envy as you keep switching your facial hair styles. Become a style icon in your circle, thanks to these interesting styles:

  1. beard transformation 1Short at the cheeks and long at the chin style

Do you have a double chin or small chin? Conceal it effectively with this style. In this style, your beard looks nice and trim at the cheeks but long at the area of your chin. The ideal length is about 2 inches from your chin. When you sport this style, you look cool and casual at the same time. It takes a couple of months at least for your beard to grow to this level; however, it is worth the effort.  This look is great for men with fuller & rounder faces.

  1. Entirely short stylePhilips-Norelco-Qt4050-Beard-and-Mustache-Trimmer-With-Vacuum-System-02

This is one of those classy facial hairstyles that make you look trim and elegant. One of the major advantages of this style is that it requires very minimal maintenance and care. Perfect for the sultry summers, this facial hair style goes well with all kinds of hair styles and all kinds of face shapes. Most of the college boys try this classic style to impress their friends of the opposite sex because this look is quite masculine and powerful. One important point that you need to note here is to trim your hair regularly so that it doesn’t look uneven in patches.

  1. Stubble style

Want to bring out that sexy, hunk- kind of a look in the most effortless way possible? Sporting stubble would help you achieve this.   You have to be very careful while etching out the shape of your stubble as you have to follow the lines created by your bones here.  Stubble requires regular trimming and frequent maintenance so that your hair doesn’t overgrow at certain places, making you look odd. Use a good trimmer/razor to cut out hair that grows beyond your bone lines, on a regular basis, so that you don’t develop any infections.

  1. Side-whiskers style

Retro style is back with a bang these days – be in the world of fashion or facial hair styles. Side-whiskers, also known as sideburns, were one of the hot trends during the 1960s – 1970s. It has come back strongly to be one of the most-sought-after styles this summer.  This style is great for people with long faces.  You can maintain it above or below the length of your ears, as per your preferences.  Ensure that your side whiskers are quite thick enough to suit the look of your face.



  1. downeyBalbo

This is a style that is dedicated to all Robert Downey Jr. fans. To perfect this look, you need to be an expert in shaping your beard. Grow your beard fully for about a month and then use a high-quality trimmer or razor to remove the hair at the sides of your chin to get this look right. You could use the following trimmer kit for any of the above styles.

Philips QG3342/23 Series 3000 6-in-1 Waterproof Mens Grooming Kit (Beard/Stubble Trimmer/Hair Clipper)

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