Sanguine Professional Moustache Scissors and Beard Trimming Scissors Review

Sanguine has the best selling moustache scissors and beard trimming scissors online. These scissors are made from high quality Japanese steel and are 4.5 inches long. They are extremely sharp and offer you the opportunity to keep your beard or moustache at a longer length while still giving you the ability to have a unique looks which may be more easily obtainable with scissors. If you need a guide on how best to trim your moustache with scissors read our article here. How To Trim a Moustache.

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Features and benefits of these moustache scissors and beard trimming scissors

  • The holes of the scissors allow for  those people with larger fingers to use them easily.
  • Work well for both right and left handed persons
  • Some of the sharpest moustache scissors on the market
  • Great for those people with extremely dense facial hair, and need a product to help them tame wiry beards and trim their beard with scissors
  • The tips are slightly rounded, but you should use care when cutting in close with the tips, because they are extremely sharp
  • Comes with a nice storage case
  • You never have to worry about charging these up like you would with an electric beard trimmer
  • Sanguine will refund or exchange them if you are not satisfied with these professional scissors.
  • Great look


  • Out of over 320 plus reviews only 20 have three stars or below. The main complaints of these people would be they were not sharp enough, and they were too small.

The Sanguine Moustache and Beard Trimming Scissors are the one of the top selling moustache and beard scissors online. They currently have ten times more reviews than many others out there, and selling for around £12. With over 320 reviews over 94% of the reviews over four stars which is an amazing level of customer satisfaction. The very few negative reviews on this show that unfortunately you cannot please every one, but with the return policy on these scissors we recommend them if you are looking for a great pair of moustache and beard trimming scissor. If you feel an electric beard trimmer may be better for you peruse around our site or you can go directly to our Best Beard Trimmer Reviews.

>>Amazon link to Professional Moustache Scissors and Beard Trimming Scissors<<

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