Mens Beard Styles

Beards are a great way to express yourself. They are also ideal for hiding neck flab, keeping your face from getting sunburned, and giving a good rub when you are deep in thought. Unfortunately, your beard will never grow and stay exactly how you want it without a little maintenance, trimming, and shaping.

The amount of care your beard will require depends on several factors including length, thickness, amount, and shape. The great part about having a beard is that you can experiment with different styles and looks until you find the one that is right for you. For tips on styling according to the shape of your face, check out How to Shape a Beard.

Popular Beard Styles

There are an endless amount of beard styles and variations of each one. Many men like to add their own twist to sharpen their look and know exactly how to maintain a beard. There is no correct way to grow a beard, however, some of the most popular beard styles include:mens-hairstyle-with-beard-hd-handsome-look-for-men-with-great-hair-and-a-beard-with-a-clear-outline

  • The Goatee – A goatee is a great alternative to growing a full beard. The hair on the chin is usually about the same width as your mouth and commonly connects to a mustache with a thin, straight line.
  • The Chin Strap – A chin strap beard offers facial hair that follows the jawline by extending from your hair line on each side of your face. It does not cover your entire chin, but remains on the edges all the way around. This style is worn with or without a moustache.
  • The Full Beard – Full beards are a timeless look. Many choose to take on an all-over look, particularly if they have a weak jawline. A beard can consume your entire face if you do not invest in the best stubble trimmer available.
  • Long and Neat – Men who choose to flaunt a long and neat beard understand that it requires a little extra maintenance to keep it looking so clean and neat. A well-maintained beard that is long and neat must be washed and combed on a regular basis.
  • screenshot2010-01-17at8-58-33pm1The 5 o’clock Shadow – This type of beard, referred to as the 5 o’clock shadow, offers short stubble that grows on a man’s face after he has already shaved in the morning. This look is trendy and has become popular at all times of the day and night.

There are many beard styles and shapes that have enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame. The five styles mentioned above have stood the test of time and continue to remain popular throughout the years. Growing a beard is definitely a commitment. Keep in mind you can always shave if off if you no longer like that particular style.

The growth of your beard is genetically determined so you may be limited on what styles you can pull off. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your facial hair and see what it can do naturally. With any style of beard you choose, be sure to keep it healthy by maintaining and trimming it on a regular basis.

32 Additional Bad Ass beard and facial hair styles

Here are an additional 32 beard and facial hair styles you can consider, plus you have tons of cool names you can use when you grow out these awesome styles to tell your crew about. When you tell everyone you have just went from the woodcutter to being husky they will certainly be confused, and you can roll with a good conversation. Who knew a hipster could become a farmer? Only in the fantastic world of facial hair styles. With some of the styles you can make up your own names, for example, I sometimes like to refer to the artist without the mustache portion, as the butthole tickler. (Just think about it if you are having trouble conceptualizing it). Sometimes the german is also referred to as the crazy bad ass mofo, at least that’s what my buddy’s dad always said when he was rocking it.

I just always remember my facial hair style is a function of my personality, and represents part of how people interpret me and what it portrays to them when they first meet me. So, venture out into the word of Bad Ass facial hair styles with this great visual representation above, and remember to check out our best beard trimmers out there, which can also be used for moustache and sideburns. Sometimes guys even use them to trim up their man bits and berries, but I’ll spare you a picture of the best manscaping ideas for your privates. You probably want to ask your partner before you shave in a crazy manscape design, but we’ve got the best body groomer’s reviews out there for you when you decide it’s time.

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