How to Make your Beard Grow Faster

Men tend to grow beards for many different reasons. From looking more masculine and attractive to growing it out in order to raise money for cancer or even try and impress the opposite sex, the look you want to achieve is an expression of your freedom and personality.

Growing a beard or a moustache often requires a lot of patience and a significant amount of perseverance. The rate at which your hair grows primarily bearddepends on your genetics and your testosterone levels. Although you cannot choose your natural hair growth tendencies, there are a few steps you can take to give it a boost and help your beard growth along.

Facial Hair that Grows Faster and Thicker

Growing a beard can often be one of man’s secret fetishes. It is a goal and is seen as a token accomplishment. For some men, it is so easy to grow a beard that they can’t keep up with it. For others, a little help it needed to speed up the growth process. Some of our favourite tips include:

  • Protein – Protein gives your body the proper nutrients that are needed to stimulate hair growth. Consider a diet that is high in protein to help the growth process of your beard.
  • De-stress – Stress is a contributing factor in hair loss. Take the necessary steps to de-stress and relax a little, eat right, and get plenty of sleep at night.
  • Biotin – Biotin is a great supplement that helps improve natural hair growth. It contains Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B6, which all help aide in the health of your hair and skin.
  • The ItchWork through the itch. Many want to shave as soon as there is a sign of itchy facial hair. The hair will soften and the itch will go away.
  • Exfoliate – Once a week, use a facial scrub that is made for men to remove dead skin cells. This will stimulate hair growth.
  • Beard Oil – Whilst not being a magic formula, getting the best beard oil for your goals and using it regularly can make for a healthier beard, and a healthy beard is a happy beard.

Myths about Making your Beard Grow Faster

As time goes by, many myths accumulate about how to make your beard grow faster. One of the most common myths is that shaving your beard will make it grow back faster and thicker. This is simply untrue. Your hair has no nervous system or blood supply and is basically made of keratin and protein. Without this vital form of communication, there is no way for your body to tell your hair to grow faster after shaving it off.

Another common myth is that certain shampoos will make your beard grow faster. Although there are shampoos that may make your beard appear thicker by swelling your hair follicles, it will do nothing more than keep your hair clean and help prevent breakage at the ends.

Follow the tips above for the best way to stimulate your hair and help it grow at a faster rate. As you are growing your beard, be sure to learn how to properly maintain it to keep it looking at its best. With a little time and patience, you can achieve the beard and style that you are looking for.

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