Best beards in the animal kingdom

Bearded Dragon bearded-dragon

Despite being a fire-breathing mythological animal, the bearded dragon starts our list.  Why, you may wonder?  It’s because its beard is not actual hair.  And hair beards are real beards, the others are just facial hair.  The beard of this creature like Velveeta.  It looks, smells like cheese.

Bearded Seal bearded-seal

Well, this particular animal features a real beard on its face.  However, to call this a beard is grossly inappropriate. It looks more of moustache than a beard – and an outstanding one to say the least.

In addition, the technical name for seal’s beard is vibrissae.  They are the same specialized hairs that grow on dogs and cats.  The hairs inside your nose are also vibrissae.

Bearded Pig bearded-pig

The moustache pig is one of the few in the animal kingdom that boast of a beard. Taking a second look, the pig has some sideburns that trail down from its ears and seems to be displaying righteous Imperial Partial Beard.  However, the only difference between the beards of this pig with others is that the beards stem from its nose

Ibex ibex

Despite ranking at number four on the list of animals with beards, the ibex tops the list in the “gorgeous name” segment.  And pretty the top best in the “horns” category as well as topping the list in the “standing on difficult terrain” list.

Bison bsion

The Bison is an enormous creature and this means features some amazing gigantic beards.  The beards appear as small goatee on mammal. However, if you transfer the animal’s beards to a man’s face, it would probably win an award.  The sad part on the animal’s side is that it has to cop up with the toupee on its head. The Bison is has a very smooth and cozy hair.

Bearded Collie bearded-collie

The Collie is probably the only dog in the world with real big-time beards. Many people refer to it as the “Beardie.”  If you are a reader and have gone through the standards of the AKC’s for the Beardie, the bearded Collie is expected to have the same noble traits as a bearded human.

The Bearded Collie is his a hardworking mammal that is always active, with an aura of agility as well as agility.

In addition, the Bearded Collie is also a loyal and intelligent member of the family. He is not only stable, but he is also self-confident, with no symptoms of aggression or shyness. The Bearded Collie is truly is a natural and unspoiled mammal.”  Indeed.

Schnauzer sch

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of animals with beards is definitely.  In addition, the animal’s beard can kind of kick your beard ten to nil.  It can kick the beard of the most handsome gentle man in the world.

In addition, just like a fountain drink, this amazing animal comes in three different sizes. There is the miniature, standard, and giant.  On the same note, the AKC nails the regular for beards when it says the coat of the Schnauzer should not only be tight, but also wiry, as well, as thick as possible.

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