Beginner’s Guide to Beards

To grow a great beard, simply throw away your trimmer and razor and just wait. That is all there is to it or so men believe. The thing is there are numerous things to learn in regard to beard, but that is if you are into this style.

This particular piece will help you overcome common issues that arise with keeping a beard. After going through this guide, you should have all the essentials you need to wear something that makes you feel confident.

A lot of men find it hard to grow a beard, and especially young adults in their late teens or early twenties.  It may appear sparse, and a little bit messy, but if you have the option to at all, just let your beards grow for several weeks.

When you begin this journey, it will generally takes about 10 weeks to get to the fullness you like. There are those whose beards grow quite fast and there are those who have to wait for a little bit longer for them to start to see some changes on their face. Let the facial hair grow at its own pace and trim lightly if you want to make it a bit tidier in the process of the best beard.

The Intermediate stage

After about a month of growth, really take a keen look at your beards. There are three crucial things you should look for:

The overall thickness of your beard

Don’t be dismayed if your hair is not thick yet. However, take a keen look at it with a critical eye. Is your facial hair growing too fast? Is it too stiff? If this is the case, you can probably grow any type of beard you wish. If your beard growth is sluggish and sparser, you can still grow a beard, but you may not have the power to choose the type of beard that you want to grow.

Do you have sprouted hairs or not?

This is the period you should expect to see the hair follicle. If you notice some hair follicle, try to check out the guide on Defeating The Wiry Beard, or try to use vitamin minoxidil or Biotin to escalate the growth of the follicle.

Check for all the bald spots.

If you notice numerous bald spots, take note of them and make an informed decision on whether to cover by further growth or whether they will compromise the growth of your beard you.


Based on the previous tips, you will now consider how many styles of beards you can potentially grow, and how it fits in general with your style and vibe.

A small, short, long beard, whatever type of beard you wish to grow, it can look completely different depending on the type you choose. The above tips will help your grow amazing beards. Once your beard this grown out you will need to trim it to keep it up to the style you would like. Find many reviews for the best beard trimmers out there here Best Beard Trimmer Reviews, and many more articles to answer the many questions you may have.

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