Beards: The Woman’s View

Men love experimenting with facial hair and while at it, they hope to impress members of the opposite gender with different looks. As for the women, we either love or hate men with facial hair. I highly doubt there are any in-betweens. So, what’s to like and dislike when it comes to beards? In order to answer that question, let’s take a closer look at what girls really think about hair growing out of your face.

A Beard Makes You Look Manly… Sometimes

It’s a known fact that women don’t grow enough facial hair to sport beards and moustaches (luckily!). As such, beards are usually thought of as manly things. Properly groomed facial hair has a unique aura that makes guys who don’t even seem all that masculine appear that way. And well, who wouldn’t want a manly man?

There’s no doubt that the clean-shaven look can make you look really suave and handsome if you do it right. Previous surveys Womans views on beardsand research findings have also established that bearded men not only look tougher and more aggressive, but also make better romantic partners. So, women may subconsciously view a scruffy guy as a venerable caveman warrior capable of protecting his family from saber tooth tigers. However, there’s a huge difference between keeping a clean and hygienic beard versus showing off unkempt hair that stinks. Girls just don’t dig the latter option.

The Rare Factor

Whether it’s a full beard or short stubble, facial hair can make most guys look attractive. The key is to ensure that the beard is well groomed and trimmed. This is in light of the fact that a patchy beard simply makes a man look unruly and wild.

With that said, some women find that the attractive factor of a bearded man increases tenfold when bearded men are hard to find. In other words, someone with a beard would stand out more in a bar full of clean-shaven men.

Ultimate Appearance Transformation

Women find it fashionable when men experiment with different beard styles in the same way that movie stars sport different looks. The mystery attached to facial transformation is what girls like most. If you’re genetically gifted to grow a beard, it’s possible to rock on with different looks every other month.

It’s amazing how much men can change in appearance when transforming from a clean-shaven babyface to the hirsute look. A smooth and hair free face makes them look young, while the bearded look gives the illusion of an older, mature and wise guy.

Kissing a Bearded Face

Most women would love the feel of a soft and fuzzy beard when kissing a guy. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The truth is a man’s beard can feel great against our skin only when it’s well-kept and at a decent length.

The feel of facial hair from a man’s beard will depend on his grooming habits and chosen beard style. Full bearded men who use beard oil regularly will no doubt have soft facial hair. On the other hand, a trimmed beard that that has not been nourished will feel scraggly and rough.

Most girls will tell you that kissing a man sporting the short stubble or five O’clock shadow is akin to rubbing your face on sandpaper. Much of this is caused by short spiky hair on a recently shaved face, which is known to cause beard burn, so ensure to get yourself a stubble trimmer.

Please Know When to Stop

Don’t get the wrong idea. Beards can be attractive when grown and maintained properly at a manageable length. So, when some hardcore bearded men ditch trimmers for good until they end up with a “Gandalf the Grey” kind of look, women don’t find that appealing. Therefore, it’s important to know when to stop growing a beard and instead trim it to maintain length, lest it loses its grizzly and attractive aspects.

The Dreadful Entanglement Food in Full Beards

One of the caveats of a full beard is that food particles can easily disappear in your mangle of facial hair. Men who choose to beard trimmer reviews gandalfgrow a full mane should take the necessary precautions to prevent this nasty mess. Women simply find it unpleasant seeing food particles stuck in a man’s beard.

It takes some time to learn how to manage a full beard and keep food out of it. But if you’ve been leaving food stuck in your mustache or goatee repeatedly over an inordinate amount of time, then most ladies would tell you to shave or trim down to a shorter and more manageable length.

The Shaving Menace

Another aspect of beards that can be rather upsetting is when men’s facial hairs end up in the sink. When guys shave or trim up, they have a tendency of not cleaning up after their mess. Many women find such behavior not only gross but also quite annoying.

Opinions on facial hair amongst women are of course divided. However, the truth is that a well-kempt beard can make a man look dashing. So, hearing our opinions, what do you men think about beards now? Should you enhance your appearance with some facial fuzz or stick with the clean-shaven look?

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