Beard Styles for The Bald Man

While it’s true that being bald is somewhat limiting in the sense that you can’t just style your hair to look more fashionable, it doesn’t mean you should completely give up! In fact, you can still achieve a fashion statement by simply growing a stylish beard.

When it comes to beard styles, you’ll not be short on options since there are a variety of options for bald men to choose from. However, it’s important you choose the most suitable style for you as there is a fine line between a complimentary facial hair look and a beard that looks plain wrong. To get you started on the right path, this article lists a few beard styles options as well as tips on how to look your best.


Having been in existence since the 1990s, the goatee is as elegant as it is old. This long-time beard style can be executed in the following styles:

  • Small
    The small goatee beard style consists of a small patch of hair below the lower lip combined with a small amount of hair on the chin and the upper lip area.
  • Classic
    Also known as the “Door Knocker” or “Van Dyke”, the classic goatee is facial hair that extends from the upper lip area to the chin.
  • Wide
    The wide goatee is similar to the classic goatee except that it extends towards the sideburns.

When pulled off correctly, the different goatee styles are known to give the wearer a self-confident, mature, and stylish look. However, this is only if the particular goatee style kept neat and well-trimmed.

Chin Strip

If you want to sport a beard without having to go through the hassle of daily grooming to make it look good, the chin strip is your next best option. This beard style is basically a clean-shaven jaw line and cheeks with a strip of hair running from the lower lip to the chin. Suitable for round and diamond shaped faces, the chin strip elongates the face and makes it look thinner. The great thing about this facial hair style is that it can be paired up with any look as it adds a touch of sophistication to formal wear and complements casual wear really well.

Soul Patch

Also known as a mouche, the soul patch is similar to the chin strip except that it’s a patch of facial hair located just below the chin, instead of a strip of hair extending to the chin. Perfect for chubby faces, this facial hair look is easy to maintain and can be paired with a variety of beard styles to achieve a more stylish look.

Mutton Chops

Famous among bald men, mutton chops are thick and huge sideburns with a clean-shaven chin and upper lip. Frequently sported by Elvis Presley in his hey-days, this facial hair is most suitable for oblong and inverted triangle face shapes. Mutton chops are known to give the wearer a fuller face and a bad boy vibe. For the best look, keep your mutton chops even and well-trimmed.

Anchor Beard

The anchor beard is a favorite among bald men as it gives the face a narrow look and the chin a strong look. It’s a combination of thinner strips of mutton chops, a soul patch, and facial hair covering the entire chin. It’s advisable to go for this beard style only if you have a steady hand. Otherwise, you’ll have to make regular trips to your barber to keep the anchor beard in shape.

Manicured Stubble

If you don’t mind having a full set of facial hair, the manicured stubble could be a great option. Suitable for all face shapes, the manicured stubble gives you a carefree, friendly, yet well-groomed look. This beard style entails growing your facial hair all the way from your sides to the regions on your upper and lower lips to your chin. A long manicured stubble or a really short and prickly one does not look good. So, to achieve a stylish, manicured stubble, let your facial hair grow for about a week and then use your stubble trimmer to even it out.

Short Trimmed Beard

The short trimmed beard style is a variation of the manicured stubble. It’s grown just like the manicured stubble but kept longer and shabbier. To keep the short trimmed beard style looking good, you’ll need to keep your facial hair about a centimeter tall, well-trimmed, and even.

So, there you have it: different beard styles that can complement your bald head. And since there are no set rules when it comes to growing facial hair, you can choose whichever style you like or combine different styles to make a big fashion statement.

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