Philips Shaver Series 3000 with Lift and Cut Blades PT720/17 Review

Men should take care of their hair and beard with equal precision since it forms an integral part of hygiene. Beards, stubble and their care should not be neglected or regarded to be of lesser importance. One of the most dependable brands out there is Philips, and they continually provide great shave

The electric shaver PT720/17 from Philips Series 3000 has Powertouch, and can be used for a dry shave. Also, it has cut blades along with lifts. This product is very reasonably priced at around £40. If you are planning to purchase this shaver, you should know a bit more about it like the features, its advantages along with the disadvantages. We have listed the features of Philips PT720/17 Powertouch Rechargeable electric shaver for you. They are as follows:


  • The shaver has a long-lasting Lithium-ION Power which makes sure that you can enjoy 14 shaves after charging for 8 hours. If you plug in just for 3 minutes, you will get the necessary charge for 1 shave. The Lithium-ion battery is highly charge-efficient.
  • The lifts, as well as the cuts blades, ensure that you have a very close shaving experience.
  • This shaver is armed with dynamic contour response that can adjust itself well to the curves and contours of your face and neck.
  • The shaver has flexing heads which allow reaching every corner.
  • The super lift, as well as the cut blades, functions in such a manner that the first blade helps in raising a hair and the second blade cuts very closely to just above the skin level to give a comfortable and cooling shaving experience.
  • Includes a UK charger
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  • The biggest advantage of the shaver is that it makes routine shaving very easy, because of the advantage of it being an electric razor which is ready to function at all times without the preparation work of a straight or safety razor.
  • The shaver can be cleaned very easily. You just need to pop the heads open. Then you can rinse them thoroughly under running water.
  • The best part about this rechargeable electric shaver is that it has LED Display which indicates when the battery is full or even when it is low. Also, you will get indications when the shaver will need a quick charge or when you need to replace the shaving heads.
  • The shaver is free of corrosion and is therefore very hygienic in nature.
  • It has a replaceable shaver head which can be replaced every two years or so to ensure a good shave.
  • One reviewer answered a question that it could shave a bikini line. Enjoy that!


  • Some of the users have disliked the shaver since it is only suitable for a dry shave.
  • The shaver does not come with a carrying case. Hence it is a bit difficult to carry it around, especially if you are traveling, and you would want to purchase a separate bag for it so you don’t get stray hairs on your other items.
  • There is no pop up trimmer on the back for sideburns.
  • Do not use if going for a wet shave.

Customer Reviews:

We will conclude by saying that the Philips Series 3000 PT720/17 Powertouch Rechargeable electric shaver has received a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. With its highly positive reviews, the few negative remarks about it are negligible. Some reviewers have noted a burning sensation when using it initially, but subsided after continued use. This can be explained many times if you transition from a straight or safety razor to an electric razor. It takes your face a little while to get used to the electric shaver.

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