Philips S7530/50 Series 7000 Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin with Beard Trimmer and Cleansing Brush Review

Do you have sensitive skin that you are afraid to expose to the sharpness of an electric razor? Is every day shaving a painful experience for you? If yes, you haven’t tried the Philips S7530/50 Series 7000 Electric Shaver with Beard Trimmer and Cleaning Brush. Designed exclusively for men with sensitive skin, this electric shaver comes with a beard trimmer and cleaning brush to make shaving an effortless process for you. Now, you don’t have to be scared about skin rashes, redness and other problems, as you can enjoy silky-smooth shaves every day thanks to this excellent grooming tool from one of the world’s most trusted brands, Philips. Look at our electric shaver with beard trimmer review to see all the features, pros and cons of this product to understand more about its functionality..



The Philips S7530/50 Series 7000 Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin is all that you ever dreamed of in your electric shaver and more. It is comfortable to hold and use and ensures you get clean & smooth shaves every day, without having to try too hard. Here is a look at the excellent features of this shaver.

  • Comes with glide rings that are coated with anti-friction material thereby enabling smooth shaves and avoiding skin irritation
  • Dynamic Flex technology – this means the shaver heads rotate in five directions giving you ultimate flexibility in removing hairs from difficult places and creating fine contours along the lines of your face
  • Shaver head comes with an easy to use on/off switch which allows you to change to the functionality of precision beard trimmer effortlessly
  • Smart Click Cleansing Brush, which ensures that your face is prepared well before the actual shave with 32000 active bristles
  • Shaving heads powered by Quick Rinse Technology, making them very easy to clean and maintain
  • One hour of full charge gives about 50 minutes, equivalent to 17 shaves, of cordless usage, and a quick charge of 5 minutes is feasible for a single shave
  • Precision Blades ensure that you don’t have to exert too much of pressure for removing hairs at different points
  • Comes with a Smart Click Beard Trimmer with five different length adjustments from .5mm to 5mm. This allows you to go with stubble to short beard looks.
  • Comes with worldwide voltage compatibility feature
  • Can be used for a dry or wet shave in the shower, with or without gel or foam, due to Aquatec technology
  • Protection cap to help make sure the heads do not get hurt when not in use.
  • Worldwide 100-240V and comes with UK 2-pin plug
  • 2-year guarantee
  • 3 level battery indicators, head cleaning indicator
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  • Very sturdy blades; needs replacement once in two years only
  • Like all Series 7000 models from Philips, this is also cordless
  • Exfoliation brush helps immensely in thorough cleaning of skin and complete removal of dead skin cells
  • Excellent beard trimmer functionality with 5 different length settings
  • No noise created when the device is in operation
  • Works effectively for creating contours and fine lines across the edges of your face
  • On Philips site, some reviewers with dense beards say it’s one of the best shavers they have every used.
  • You could buy other accessories other accessories which would work with the Philips SmartClick on the shaver.


  • The cleaning brush is recommended to be changed every six months, and the heads every 2 years. So, the cost of maintaining this shaver is going to be an ongoing expense.
  • Some reviewers feel it doesn’t live up to Philips previous quality standards.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a smooth and effective shave for your sensitive skin, the Philips S7530/50 Series 7000 Electric Shaver with Beard Trimmer is the right model for you. The S7530 has not been on the market very long to have a lot of reviews online and most them are positive, but with Philips you can rely on them for a solid shaver. It is currently selling for around £130.

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