Panasonic ES-ST25 3-Blade Electric Shaver Wet/Dry for Men Review

Are you frustrated with the pulling and tugging that you experience with your electric shaver every day leaving you with razor bumps on your neck?  Have you been dreaming of a smooth and silky shave that saves your time and keeps your skin relaxed always? Well, here is some good news for you! The Panasonic ES-ST25 Three-Blade Electric Shaver Wet/Dry for men is just what you always wanted in your shaver. Packed with standard technology like all other electric shavers from Panasonic, this shaver is hygienic and is designed in such a way to provide you smooth shaves in a quick and accurate way every day and minimize razor bumps on the neck. Uneven hairs and non-groomed styles are a thing of the past now. Read on to know more about the features of this shaver.


The Panasonic ES-ST25 Three-Blade Electric Shaver (Wet/Dry) for Men is your ideal grooming companion as it comes loaded with a host of user-friendly and flexible settings for you to enjoy smooth shaves. Here is a look at the list of features that this shaver comes along with:

  • Comes with Multi-Fit Arc-shaped blades to run smoothly along the contours of your face and remove hairs from difficult to access areas like neck and chin
  • Quicker, gentler and smoother shaving action, thanks to the linear motor drive’s power of 13000 cycles per minute
  • Rapid cut doesn’t give room to pulling and tugging of hair, thereby eliminating pain and skin rashes during the process of shaving and helps to eliminate razor bumps on the neck
  • Comes with optimum slit foils, which ensures that all hairs (easy and difficult) and hairs of all kinds of densities and lengths are easily captured and cut gently
  • Easy to operate turbo mode that ensures quick cleaning and rinsing; cleaning is powered by sonic vibration technology which adds to the increased efficiency
  • Comes with Shaving Sensor Technology, through which the shaver changes its motor speed according to the density of your beard so that you get a gentle and effective shave, all while minimizing razor bumps on the neck and face
  • Can be used as dry shave or as wet shave with foam and gel
  • Comes with three 360 degrees, nano particles-polished blades that are made from hypoallergenic stainless steel material; this ensures that it can be used on sensitive skin as well without any worries of skin irritation
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  • Close and accurate precision while shaving, thanks to the 360-degrees blades
  • Optional accessories available in the form of replaceable foil and blade
  • Works wonders on any length of stubble
  • Sensor and full action modes available for operation
  • Automatically adjusts motor speed per the density of the beard, so it doesn’t require you to exert any additional pressure while shaving. This is great if you have a thicker stubble from a few days, or it will adjust if you have just shave the day before.


  • Cannot be used while charging
  • Works great for one-day stubbles; however, can be less effective for long/dense stubbles

Bottom Line

While there is no doubt that the Panasonic ES-ST25 Three-Blade Electric Shaver comes with sophisticated Japanese technology embedded in it, and it comes in at a reasonable price of around £100. This electric razor can help to eliminate razor bumps on the neck, and has very high ratings. It comes in with 4.6 out of 5 stars and over 88% with over 4 stars, and currently no one star reviews. We recommend this electric razor.

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