Panasonic ES-RT47 3-Blade Electric Shaver Wet/Dry for Men, Stainless Review

Panasonic is the leader in the world market in the field of men’s grooming, thanks to its high-performance and technologically brilliant shavers and other grooming tools. The ES-RT47, Three-Blade Electric Shaver for men Wet/Dry is a power-packed shaver from the stables of Panasonic. It comes with a super fast linear motor that is designed to provide you with a quick and smooth shave every time you use it.  There are various other factors that make this electric shaver stand out from its peers in this price range. Read on through our electric razor review to know more about the same.


High-speed motors, flexible shaving head settings, high precision trimmers and optimum foil settings are some of the features that make the Panasonic ES RT47 one of the most sought after brands of electric shavers today. When you invest in this, you can be assured of smooth shaves every day, and you can bid goodbye to your skin irritation problems that you would have faced because of your earlier shavers. This model from Panasonic is very skin-friendly and thus is ideal for people with sensitive skin as well.  Here is a look at the all the user-friendly features of this shaver.

  • Comes with three blades that cut as close to the skin as possible; however, it works very gently and doesn’t cause any skin irritation or injuries
  • Powered by 360-degree inner blades that are polished with nano-polished blades for the extra precision and smoothness you want
  • Easy to use slide up trimmer that has 46-degree blades to get the perfect style on your moustaches and sideburns; trimmer acts quickly on these areas and helps you achieve the exact style and look that you want
  • Trimmer comes with a comb adjustment as well which has five flexible length adjustments from 1mm to 7mm for beard, goatee, and sideburn trimming
  • Blades are arc-shaped and can be used to fit to shave on any part of your face; outer foils are round shaped to enable smooth shaves and removal of hair from difficult areas like nose, chin and throat
  • Pivoting Shaving Head lends ultimate flexibility so that you can follow the contours of your face with ease and elegance
  • Comes with dry shave and wet shave options
  • 100% Waterproof; therefore shaving heads can be easily cleaned under running water. Outer foil needs to be removed before washing
  • Comes with three-level LED indication to show battery charging status, battery level, intimation when charging is required and for letting users know when it has been fully charged
  • Lithium ion battery and automatic voltage conversion
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  • Good value for money. Though the retail price is around £150, you can get it for around £55 online
  • Provides users with a great deal of flexibility so that they can choose their settings and features as per their convenience
  • Comes with cleaning brush, lubricating oil, comb attachment and detailed instruction manual to help users


  • While the shaver is easy to clean, the same cannot be said about the trimmer
  • You may need an adapter for it, because it is 220v

Bottom Line

The Panasonic ES RT47 Three-Blade Electric Shaver is affordable, durable, comfortable, safe, technologically efficient and loaded with user-friendly features. It has 4.3 out of 5 stars with over 80% with four stars or higher, and less than 5% with one star. Based on the price and combination of good features we recommend this electric shaver.

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