Panasonic ES-RF41 Rechargeable 4-Blade Electric Shaver Wet/Dry for Men, Stainless Review

The Panasonic ES-RF 41 Rechargeable Four-Blade Electric Shaver for Men (Wet/Dry) is one of the best choices for you if you love the combination of technology and high precision. Like all other premium shavers from Panasonic, the ES-RF41 is packed with sophisticated yet easy to understand technological features that are designed to give you smooth shaves every time you use the shaver. It is one of the few shavers in the world that operates on super sharp four blade technology, thereby enabling you to get a close yet skin-friendly shave all the time. With its durable and sleek design, the Panasonic ES-RF41 is a hit among men.


The Panasonic ES-RF41 is one of the sharpest and most precise shavers in the market, thanks to its superior quality of four blades and other technological features. The stainless steel finishing gives a regal and stylish look to the shaver, thereby increasing its visual appeal. Take a look at the awesome features of this shaver herewith:

  • Comes with arc-shaped, honeycomb foils to move against your skin in a gentle manner; the foil is as fragile as 41 microns and thus enables easy removal of hairs from difficult to access areas like neck, chin, throat. The arc-shape helps to move across the different levels of your face so you get a better shave then an electric shaver with a flat head.
  • High-performance four-blade functionality, with the fourth one being designed exclusively to straighten the flat-lying hairs; this quality makes this shaver quicker, smoother and more skin-friendly than most of the other shavers in the market
  • Nano-particle sharpened 30-degree blades with a blade tip as thin as 0.3 microns reduce cutting resistance by 50%
  • Motor speed of 10000 rpm, thereby helping you to shave at a very quick rate
  • Comes with an easy to use slide up precision trimmer that works wonders on your stubbles and sideburns
  • Excellent lithium battery life; when charged for one hour fully, the shaver can be used in the cordless mode for 65 minutes
  • Comes with features that are suitable for wet and dry shave
  • The head of the shaver also pivots 8mm from side to side to follow the contours of your face. 


  • Excellent skin contact; therefore, offers one of the smoothest shaves, when compared to its peers
  • Comes with a charging stand, cleaning brush, travel pouch and a two-pin plug; ideal to carry it on your trips
  • Very easy to use, clean and maintain
  • Precision trimmer’s functionality is highly commendable
  • Lasts for a long time and hence this shaver provides good value for money


  • Stubbles are not shaved the first time efficiently; it needs a subsequent wet shave to clear it off
  • Gets randomly switched on and off at times, creating disturbances for users

Bottom Line

The Panasonic ES-RF41 claims that it contains the goodness of four-blade technology. However, in reality, we must admit that the technology is not as efficient as we expected it to be. Some users have reported pulling and tugging issues during their daily shaves. Overall, it has 4.3 out of 5 stars with around 805 four stars or higher, and about 10% with below 2 stars. It comes in properly at the mid-level price point for an electric razor for its performance. If you are looking for a better electric shaver in the mid-level price point we would recommend the Braun series 7 7898cc Electric Shaver.

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